The Tri Town Times 12/16/19

The Tri Town Times 12/16/19

Challenge Daytona Triathlon Recap; Training Thoughts on Polarization and Race Report from Indian Wells; Gift Idea for Young Athletes; and We Take a Look at the Top Paid Athletes of the Last 20 Years.

Hi all,
Here is your weekly TT Times newsletter:
Weekend Race Report-
Canadians Lionel Sanders and Paula Findlay backed up their strong performances at Indian Wells 70.3 last weekend with another win at the Challenge Daytona triathlon yesterday.
Training Thoughts and Updates-
I sat down yesterday to write a quick race report of my experience at Indian Wells 70.3, but it snowballed into a multipage training review with 10 charts of my entire build up to the race. The report is posted on our website, and if you have a few minutes and a warm cup of coffee you'll find some interesting insight in there. In particular, I provide a detailed look into training using the Polarized Training Model and how I used a low carb, high fat diet for this training block. If you don't have a time to read the entire article, here are the key thoughts:
  • Prove your consistency before increasing your volume.
  • Focus on getting in your volume before increasing intensity.
  • Spend the majority of your time at an aerobic intensity even if you have limited time to train.
  • Use key workouts to refine race nutrition, pacing, and equipment. 
  • Adjust your diet to reflect the needs of your training.
Gear That Caught Our Attention:
My 3 year old niece has one of these, and it is awesome.
Quote that Struck a Chord-
People judge you by three things: the quality of your work, your personality, and your punctuality.
If You Have a Moment to Spare-
This video of the world's highest paid athletes from 1990-2019 is completely fascinating and mesmerizing.
Have a great week!
Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town


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