The Tri Town Times: 6/17/24

The Tri Town Times: 6/17/24

Do it because it's hard.

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Events I'm looking forward to:

A very busy couple of weeks coming up:

- The month-long Boise Trails Challenge starts this Thursday.

- The Treasure Valley Triathlon is this Saturday.

- The 9 to 5 Endurance mountain bike race is Saturday, June 22nd at Jug Mountain Ranch.

- 70.3 Coeur d'Alene is Sunday, June 23rd.

- The Boise Mountain Bike Festival is Saturday, June 29th at the Bogus Basin Ski Resort.

- The Twilight Criterium is Saturday, June 29th.

- The Tour de France starts Saturday, June 29th in Florence, Italy.

- The Bogus Basin Hill Climb is Sunday, June 30th.


An excellent way to stay on top of all local and regional events is to reference the event calendar on our website.


Industry News:

Founders who have been busy lately buying back their companies:

- Mia Walter and Simon Wear buy back GCN from Warner Bros Discovery.

- Jake Heilbron and Dan Gerhard buy back Kona Bikes from private equity-backed Kent Outdoors.


Quote that struck a chord:

There is a beautiful paragraph in Tim Gallwey's book The Inner Game of Tennis that captures the essence of why we are drawn to undertaking difficult tasks:

"The surfer waits for the big wave because he values the challenge it presents. He values the obstacles the wave puts between him and his goal of riding the wave to the beach. Why? Because it is those very obstacles, the size and churning power of the wave, which draw the surfer to give his greatest effort. It is only against the big wave that he is required to use all his skill, all his courage, all his concentration, to overcome; only then can he realize the true limits of his capacities.
At that point he often attains his peak. In other words, the more challenging the obstacle he faces, the greater the opportunity for the surfer to discover and extend his true potential."

I believe this gets to the root of why athletes do what they do: exercise daily, run a marathon, compete in Ironman, etc. They do it because they find it hard. The difficulty of the task stimulates personal growth. Never stop challenging yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing moments of struggle, as these experiences can be humbling yet catalyze personal growth. Those moments, often in hindsight, are the good times.


In essence, "Not everything that's hard is good, but almost everything good is hard." - Ryan Holiday.



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Antonio Gonzalez

Tri Town Bicycles


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