Our Foundation

Tri Town Bicycles was opened by two endurance coaches in Boise, Idaho in 2011. Our foundation was built on understanding and addressing the needs of triathlon clients and offering a "complete solution" for their endurance passion. We have developed a business that meets the demands, expectations, and requirements of one of the most detail-oriented sports in the world.

Over time, we have come to realize that the skills, systems, services, and details that serve our triathlon clients well are appreciated and relevant to all cyclists, regardless of their cycling discipline. Today, we happily serve all cyclists, with an emphasis on world-class service and quality products.

Boise is becoming the country's next outdoor mecca, known for its beautiful roads, trails, mountains, and lakes. We love serving this community and strive to stay at the forefront, helping our clients embrace endurance sports.




We provide world-class products and services for the inspired endurance athlete.





Continuous improvement: We work to continuously improve ourselves, business, systems, products, and services. If we cannot be best-in-class in a category, we adjust and innovate to compete at the highest level. We do not do things simply because it is the way we’ve always done it. We maintain curiosity, an open mind, and are constantly learning. Our desire to continuously improve requires us to be honest with ourselves and the way we operate.

Attack complexity: We seek to reduce confusion by attacking complexity and pursuing simplicity. We tackle complex challenges, systems, and projects, and break them down into simple, actionable solutions. We believe the most simple solutions carry a disproporiante amount of value.

Think like an athlete: Athletes balance technique, power, and speed to achieve exceptional results. We operate the same way. We use continuous improvement to refine our technique. We put ourselves in the position of someone who must compete, which drives a deeper focus and demands more of our services and products. Thinking like an athlete means you get the basics right, and seek marginal gains where they can be found.

Be quick, but don’t hurry: We move quickly in operations and service, but not at the consequence of quality. There is an appropriate pace for all things, and we seek to find that balance.

Build and serve the community: We exist to serve our community and the micro-community that are our employees. Everything we do is with the intent to improve the quality of life of those we serve and work with.

Honesty, no matter what: Honesty keeps life and business simple. We are honest with our customers, regardless of the consequences. We seek to be completely honest with ourselves, the quality of our work, and the intensity of our effort. This helps to drive innovation and continuous improvement.





Antonio Gonzalez

Antonio is the owner and co-founder of Tri Town. Antonio began working in the cycling industry in 2001, and began racing triathlons in 2003. From the beginning, Antonio became a student of sport and the cycling industry as a whole. He is a founding member of the BSU Triathlon Club, a professional bike fitter, a professional coach certified by USAT and NICA, and a professional mechanic, having served as a personal mechanic for Tour De France cyclists, an Olympic Medalist, and a host of professional triathletes including Ironman Champions and World Champions. As a competitor, Antonio is a diverse athlete with experience in Ironman distance to sprint racing, with overall race wins in multiple triathlons, duathlons, cyclocross, road races, crits and time trials. He is a 5x Age-Group Olympic Distance State Champion and has represented Idaho in the ‘Best of the US’ National Champion Series. His unique blend of real-life athletic experience, coaching, bicycle maintenance, and business has helped formulate Tri Town's "whole solution" approach to serving endurance athletes.

Dominique Clifford (Dom)

"Dom" is the person who can keep the staff on task, buy merchandise, fit you for a wetsuit, drive you to the airport and have an extra pair of goggles for your open water swim all in the same day. Dom's background is in swimming and soccer. After years of youth and collegiate soccer she settled down to start a family. Their daughter, Bailey, began swimming at a young age rekindling her fire for the sport. When triathlon became Bailey's sport of choice she dove head first into learning more about open water swimming.

Dom is a staple in our Tri Town swim scene whether it be on deck during our winter instructional time in the pool (reminding you to “Get in the pool! The water will be just as cold in 5 minutes.”, “Remember to bilateral breathe!” “Neutral neck positioning.”) or at the pond helping with open water techniques (“Yes, it's colder than the pool!”, “Don't forget to blow your bubbles.”). You can typically find Dom at most races, making sure the athletes have everything they need for their race, cheering til she's lost her voice, and post-race hugs. Most of the time she's yelling at Travis Wood, trying to keep him out of her hot tub. In the off-season you can find her skipping work to go snowshoeing or skiing.

Travis Wood (Service/Sales)

Travis got into triathlon to impress a college girlfriend’s dad. With only a background in running, there was a lot to learn. He raced with the Boise State Triathlon Club for 3 years, before graduating with a Human Biology degree. Post college, he decided to go all in on triathlon. Travis has raced in the collegiate club scene, nationals championships, world championships in three distances, and holds multiple course records. In 2019, he had multiple age group wins in the 70.3 distance, and an overall win in the USAT Sprint Distance National Championship. Through trial and error, he is an expert in triathlon equipment and loves all things swim-bike-run related. His favorite fruit is the strawberry, and he enjoys gorging on copious quantities of carbohydrates. In 2020, he began racing as a professional athlete. You can follow his progress on Instagram.


Margaret Hepworth (Coach)

Margaret has been participating in triathlons since the mid-1980s when the vibe and equipment were both very casual. With a background as a teacher, she is a natural communicator and loves helping and learning from others. She is currently a certified Strength Trainer, Health Coach and USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach.

After many years of being focused on family, Margaret transitioned from juggling triathlon around kids' activities to training and racing more as an empty-nester. She has experience at all distances and has raced USAT Nationals and ITU World Championships multiple times. After battling cancer, Margaret has spent the past 8 years enjoying Ironman 70.3 and Ironman races and has numerous age-group wins. In 2018 she was ranked 1st in the world for Ironman 70.3 and was on the podium in Kona at the Ironman World Championships.

Margaret recognizes that there is no one recipe for success and approaches each individual with a unique plan. She looks forward to helping athletes to overcome obstacles and maximize their potential. Margaret brings a spirit of compassion, humor and practicality to all that she does.

Brad Mitchell (Head Coach)

Coach Brad is a husband, a father, a career based strength and endurance coach with over 15 years experience; a foodie, a cyclist and at one time a solid distance runner. Brad found success in marathoning (2:40 marathon, 1:16 half marathon) and ultramarathoning, raced numerous US Nationals mountain bike races, competed twice at Xterra Off-Road Triathlon World Championships; podiumed at the Ironman 70.3 distance and has enjoyed the rigors of a couple Ironmans. Brad was not a competitive youth athlete; instead a person struggling to find his way. 20+ years ago he put down the drink and found endurance sports which lead to a career in coaching strength and endurance athletes and health seekers.

Coach Brad meets the athlete where they are in life and sport; not where they want to be. Conservative in programming, utilizing goals and a macro-view to reach said goals, he believes the process may not be rushed. Brad advocates building from the ground up. Utilizing the principles of quality nutrition, strength and endurance development, recovery and self care, he will assist you in laying the foundation indicative of a resilient athlete striving for longevity and results in sport and life. 

Coach Brad's methodology keeps it simple by use of best practices and the sciences; leaving no room for the social media based “best workout”. He does not guarantee your success; the athlete must pave their path for success by being consistently accountable for their training or lack of training. 

Coach Brad is a realist and transparent. He will utilize his years of competition and coaching, life experiences, continued education, and a no BSapproach to guide his coaching and your programming. 

Allow Coach Brad to provide you the tools to pave your path to success. Whether that is finding consistency in a training lifestyle or targeting a goal on race day; be it a podium finish or a one time bucket list experience.


Ricardo Valverde (Coach)

Ricardo is a USAT coach who joined the TriTown team in 2019. His motivation is in helping others find the passion and success in triathlon that he has found, while avoiding the mistakes he made as a self-coached athlete at the beginning of his triathlon career.

Professionally, as an Electrical Engineer & Physicist, Ricardo appreciates the scientific, data-supported aspect of the sport. Prior to finding triathlon, he played soccer at the collegiate and professional levels: NCAA D1 - Virginia Commonwealth University and pro with Deportivo Saprissa out of his home country of Costa Rica...Pura Vida!

Ricardo has been racing Triathlons since 2008. As a triathlete, he has completed full-distance Ironman races in each continent (7 total) and in between a couple dozen Olympic and 70.3 races, the most recent one being IM70.3 Costa Rica, where he qualified for 70.3 World Championships.


Ben Elumbaugh (Service Mngr)

Ben developed a passion for cycling when he was 12 and it wasn’t long until he was all in. He spent all his high school years racing mountain bikes in NICA where he racked up plenty of varsity podiums and the occasional win. After high school, Ben transitioned into road cycling where he rides and races as much as he can. As a 19 year old Ben is chasing his goal of becoming an under 23 national champion. 
Ben is what you would call a cycling nerd. He spends way too much time learning about the most obtuse topics cycling has to offer. To subsidize his cycling ‘habit’ Ben realized that he could focus his attention on the inner workings of the bicycle. At 13 he unofficially joined Tri Town’s team by trading hours spent cleaning for hours of one on one mechanical training. By 14 Ben officially joined the team and has worked as a mechanic with us ever since. 
In his free time Ben attends the College of Western Idaho pursuing a business/economics degree. He is also working through his pilot certifications with the hope of flying as a commercial pilot one day. Ben’s favorite food while riding is a package of pop tarts. If you want to spot Ben out on the road, just look for the cyclist with mis-matched kit and bright pink socks.

Tom Pike (Service)

About Tom

Jacob Babiak (Service)

I’ve been mountain biking for 8 years, competitively for 3. I raced XC MTB for Centennial High School and am currently training to do marathon and gravel bike races. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and found the joy in working on my own bike throughout my time as an athlete. I carried this passion for working on bikes over to Tri Town where I have further developed my skills and enjoy helping the ever growing cycling community in Boise.


Josiah Hanson (Service)

About Josiah.

Scott Conover (Marketing)

Scott loves racing bikes, whether on dirt or road. Through his skillset, Scott has enabled Tri Town to offer a high level of photography, videography, website, and 3D printing. In his spare time he can be found in the foothills riding his bike, photographing landscapes, or 3d printing. Scott has also become an accomplished woodworker and helps build much of Tri Town's custom furniture and retail fixtures.

Sophia Dennis (Moral Support)