Bicycle Fitting and Scheduling


A great position can make all the difference in not only your race results, but your overall enjoyment of cycling. At Tri Town, we feel your position on the bike is more important than the bike itself. An incorrect position can result in pain, injury, and a loss of power.

Olympians, World Champions, Age Group World Champions, and countless first time triathletes have chosen Antonio Gonzalez, our head fitter, for over 15 years with their bike fits.

We do not follow any one fitting protocol, but look at you as you truly are- a unique individual different from anyone else. Our fitting process is designed to address your key concerns and follow basic, clear principles that result in improved comfort and power on the bike nearly every time. Read more below about our fitting process and options below.


How to prepare for a fit

Shoes, helmet, race shorts (or something similar), and short sleeved jersey or tri top is a good start.
Evaluated Goals
We review this in our initial interview, but your final cycling position is ultimately determined by factors like: race duration and type, cycyling/athletic background, personal injury history, current injuries/issues, and performance goals.
Are certain bolts stripped or rusted that may need to be adjusted during the fit? If needed, bring your bike in for a tune up a day or two before your fit.
Your fit is a great time to ask all the highly detailed questions regarding triathlon cycling performance. Questions like, "How do fast cyclists really pedal?", and "What hydration system would work best on my bike?" are some examples.

Scheduling your fit

Select a Fit
Schedule your fit directly from our site. Pay for your fit now or after your appointment.
We are available for fitting Monday-Friday from 10:15am – 4:00pm, or by special appointment.
Online Times
Due to demand for fitting services we recommend scheduling your fit a week in advance. See our online tool below.
Simply call us at 208-297-7943 or email [email protected] and we'll gladly help you over the phone.