Bicycle Fitting and Scheduling

Bicycle Fitting in Boise Idaho

Professional fitting for all types of riders, and all bikes. 

A great position can make a difference not only in your race results, but your overall enjoyment of cycling. At Tri Town, we feel your position on the bike is more important than the bike itself. An incorrect position can result in pain, injury, and a loss of power, but more important, it can result in a loss of love for cycling.

Olympians, World Champions, Age Group World Champions, and countless first time triathletes have trusted us with their dialing in their cycling position. We do not follow any one fitting protocol, but look at you as an individual with unique needs and wants. Our fitting process is designed to address your key concerns, while following basic and clear principles that result in improved comfort and power nearly every time.

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Professional bike fit

Professional Bike Fit: $220

Our Professional Fit is the best way to guarantee your comfort and power on the bike, and is ideal for all types of riders and abilities. 

The fit starts with an interview to better understand your riding goals and needs. Your bike's current position is then recorded for future reference. Video is taken to analyze your riding posture, position, and style.

Through a systematic approach we make appropriate changes to all your contact points: the feet, saddle, and hands. We can also use this time to experiment with different crank lengths, saddles, and other components. Once we identify an ideal position we record all fit coordinates for future reference.

Follow-up fit work is included as needed for 3 months after your fit.



Bicycle Sizing in Boise Idaho

Frame Sizing Fit: $110

Our Sizing Fit is an ideal service before purchasing a new or used bike. We walk you through the confusing and overwhelming process of selecting the correct frame size based on your morphology and cycling goals. This service is free when purchasing a bike from us. 

Our Fit Bike can replicate the position of any bicycle on the market, allowing us to check the position a new bike will place you in. We stock a deep selection of handlebars, aerobars, stems, and saddles to provide you options for these critical contact points. 

If you purchase a bike elsewhere, we can complete your fit once your bike arrives for an additional $110 (includes everything in the Professional Fit).

A New Bike Sizing Fit takes approximately 1 hour.



Bicycle cleat fit

Cleat Fitting: $50

Other than the saddle itself, the cleat position and pedals are the most important components on your bicycle. Properly setup cleats will help prevent injury and optimize power. When conducting a cleat fit, we review and consider your cycling goals, stance, riding style, foot varus/valgus, foot size, shoe size, and pedal model.  Adjustments include cleat fore/aft, medial/lateral, wedging (when needed), and cleat rotation. 

A cleat fit is included as part of our Professional Fit, but not part of our Sizing Fit. 

A cleat fit takes approximately 30 minutes.


Preparing for your fit


Bring your bike, cycling shoes, helmet, cycling or tri shorts, a short sleeve shirt or jersey, and any equipment you may need addressed during the fit. Please make sure your bike is in good working condition.

Check your bike in for a tune up before your fit if needed. 


We offer bicycle fitting services Monday - Saturday between 10:15am and 4pm. 

Due to the demand for fitting, we recommend scheduling your fit 1 week in advance.