The Tri Town Times:10/21/19

The Tri Town Times:10/21/19

2020 Tri Town custom kits; FTP vs sustaining a high % of FTP; IAAF investigation of Nike; favorite Henry Ford quote.

Hi all,
My staff and I are excited to release the 4th edition of the Tri Town training and racing kit, and would love to have you represent Tri Town for the 2020 season. I'm always humbled when our clients and friends chose to wear our shop colors- a graceful validation that we're hopefully doing something right.
For this season, we designed the kit to be distinctly Tri Town; cooler on high temperature days; and slightly more visible than years past. We place orders for kits only once per year, and if you're interested this is the best opportunity to secure a piece for the coming season.
Some helpful ordering details:

- Place your orders on our website before Monday, October 28th and receive a 10% discount (use discount code "TTKIT10%" at checkout.

- Want to put half down, and the remainder upon delivery? Please call us (208-297-7943) or email [email protected] to do so. Only order kits online if you want to pre-pay for your kits in full.

- We expect delivery of all kits in early January.

- Made by Louis Garneau, in the US of A. 

- You don't have to be a pro or elite athlete to wear our kits!

- Any questions or concerns? There's nothing like talking to a real person... please give us a call at 208-297-7943 or stop by the shop. 

Now for your weekly TT Times newsletter:
Weekend Race Report-

- 70.3 Arizona took place in Tempe yesterday. This non-professional race is a popular 'tune-up' race for the full Ironman in Tempe on November 24th.

- I spent my long trainer ride yesterday watching the ridiculously entertaining Superleage races: Vincent Louis took the men's title and Katie Zaferes the women's in Malta.

Events We're Looking Forward To-
The Xterra World Championships is this Sunday in Maui.
Training Thoughts and Updates-
I recently had a conversation with an athlete regarding FTP (functional threshold power) and it's relevance to the long course triathlete. He was frustrated that despite feeling more fit during his training for a 70.3, his FTP did not increased as much as he would have expected. Upon further questioning, it was clear he had improved his aerobic system significantly from his baseline, but he was falling into the trap of testing his ability to improve his 20min power (FTP test) and not his ability to hold a high percentage of his threshold for hours on end. This ability to hold a high percentage of threshold is what makes a great long course athlete.
There are key workouts, paces, and even nutrition adjustments that are helpful in improving your ability to hold a high percentage of FTP. This podcast by FLO Cycling does a great job of explaining those adjustments. Need more information? Contact us regarding a blood lactate threshold test.
Gear That Caught Our Attention-
I'm sure you've heard of the Nike Vaporfly 4% running shoe- the shoe with a carbon fiber plate that is suppose to improve your running by 4%. At first I assumed these claims of a 4% improvement were a marketing ploy, but now it seems like the IAAF (International Assocation of Athletics Federations) is investigating Nike and the shoe to see if it provides an unfair advantage. Why would the IAAF be concerned? The five fastest record-eligible marathons in history have all been run in the last 13 months- and they’ve all been run in versions of Nike’s Vaporfly.
Surprisingly, recent research indicates it may not be the carbon fiber plate that makes the shoe so effective, but rather the foam midsole. And the shoe does not return more energy to the runner, but simply requires less energy through the foot and calf muscles.
Quote that Struck a Chord-
"Quality is doing it right when no one is looking."
This is one of my absolute favorite quotes, and comes from Henry Ford.
Have a great week!
Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town


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