The Tri Town Times: 5/3/21

The Tri Town Times: 5/3/21

St. George 70.3 results; thoughts on perfectionism; trail dog.

Hi all,
Just getting back from St. George 70.3, so I'll have to keep this short this week!
Weekend race report:
  • I counted over 60 athletes from the Treasure Valley competing at 70.3 St. George. The weather was nearly perfect with merciful cloud coverage and low winds, while the tough and honest race course reminded me why it is worthy of National Championship status. It was great seeing so many of you out there racing strong. Results can be found on the St. George 70.3 page or even easier from the Ironman Tracker App
  • On a related note, Ironman will host the 70.3 World Championships in St. George later this year on September 17th-18th.
Training thoughts and updates:
When speaking with athletes after a race I typically hear two types of stories: one story is typically about accomplishment, excitement, and the desire to "go again". The other is typically about disappointment, exhaustion, and the need to take a break. If you find yourself in the latter camp, consider this important read on perfectionism, setting lofty goals, and athletic burnout.
Quote that struck a chord:
"You won't be able to recognize the things you really care about until you have released your grip on all the things that you've been taught to care about."
-William Dereskiewicz
If you have a moment to spare:
A brilliant and endearing video about the life of the trail dog.
Have a great week!
Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town Bicycles
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