The Tri Town Times: 11/20/23

The Tri Town Times: 11/20/23

This week: "It was just a bad race. The real me is way faster."

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The last Ironman of the North American season, Ironman Arizona, was held yesterday in Tempe. Congrats to all finishers.


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Thought that struck a chord:

"It was just a bad race. The real me is WAY faster." - A typical dude.


I recently heard a variation of the above sentiment from a client. I understand he was trying to stay positive after a race that did not unfold as he had hoped. The problem isn't with his effort to stay positive, it lies in the fact that his positive-affirmations prevent him from seeing the reality of the situation: the reality being that results are often an excellent representation of the facts. From what I could see from his training, it appears he had a reasonably good day, but that's not the perspective he chose to adopt.


As athletes, race results are often the only objective measurements available to us. Some individuals shy away from being gauged by cold, hard, objective facts because such measurements can be uncomfortably revealing. Instead, they may prefer the more subjective and challenging-to-measure 'soft skills' approach. We're familiar with soft skills from the business realm: some examples being empathy, communication, and self-awareness, which undoubtedly hold significance to varying extends in the workplace. However, the objective profit and loss statement does not account for empathy or communication skills. Soft skills don't necessarily say anything about a person's ability to execute their key role. For gauging a business' ability to perform and survive, we need objective measurements, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In athletics, your KPIs are represented by your key workouts.


Athletes can start by ensuring that their key workouts align with the specific demands of their race. I cringe every time an Ironman athlete tells me about his VO2 max interval workouts. That's a soft skill workout for an Ironman athlete. A more ultra-endurance specific KPI would be heart rate decoupling over a 100 mile ride. Even the most basic metrics like weekly swim, bike, and run mileage tell a more clear story of an athlete's readiness to compete. It's essential to remember that, often, those who perform the best are simply the ones who consistently show up.


Developing and attaining objective measurements in training and racing constitutes the initial step toward self-acceptance. Acknowledging your current standing and embracing results as they unfold enables you to chart a realistic course forward. Ask yourself, "What will it take for me to improve, now that I know where I stand?" Then comes the challenging part: summoning the courage to make a change. 


If you have a moment to spare:

- The renowned luxury car brand Lotus has a notable history of venturing into the bicycle industry. In 1992, they introduced the Type 108, an iconic TT bike. More recently, Lotus has unveiled the Type 136, an aerodynamic road bike. Not to be outdone, Aston Martin has also ventured into the bike market, introducing their own super bike.

- During a bicycle fit, I prioritize the rider's "contact points" with the bicycle-specifically, the pedals, saddle, and handlebars. If these components aren't correctly configured and reasonably comfortable, other considerations become secondary. Of the three contact points, I often say the saddle is the most important. That being said, I find myself unsure about what to say about the "SaddleSpur"...

- The best bike build video I've ever seen. Great editing.



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Antonio Gonzalez

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