The Tri Town Times: 1/23/23

The Tri Town Times: 1/23/23

This week: Do not fight the swells of training.
Image: Professional triathlete Guy Crawford.

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Training thoughts and updates:

A few weeks ago I wrote on the importance of building and following a 90% Routine. In simple terms this is a training schedule you could follow 90%+ of the time, regardless of what life throws at you. This should not be the most training you can do at any given time, rather it's the most consistent training you can follow with the intent to build a consistent training habit.


When preparing for an endurance event, it's tempting to think about the most training you'll have to do in order to feel prepared on race day:


"I need to run 40 miles this week."

"I have to hit 18 hours of training this week."


This mindset is focused on the peak week in your training block, often done relatively close to competition. Studies have shown that training camps and sudden periods of increased training do not result in a "spike in fitness", but can actually decrease it. A better approach is to gradually increase training load to give your body time for adaptation, and intersperse that regular training with occasional workouts that simulate the race.


I often tell athletes that training is a bit like rowing a boat on the ocean: your effort will influence your direction and general rate of progress, but your fitness will naturally swell up and down depending upon various factors outside your control. Fighting a falling swell is fruitless and simply frustrating, while hoping you can time the crest of the swell to happen on race day can be equally as frustrating.


The best athletes don't paddle harder or easier based on every swell, they simply keep rowing, and thus raise their overall water level by developing an impressive 90% Routine. The best athletes have ups and downs just like you and me. Their water level is simply so high that a bad day is still rather impressive.


When willpower is low, lean on your routine, and keep rowing.



Quote that struck a chord: 

"Success if nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day."

Jim Rohn.



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Antonio Gonzalez

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