The Tri Town Times: 9/28/20

The Tri Town Times: 9/28/20

Our Tri Swap is this weekend; Time Trial World Championship results are in; Sam Long and Holly Lawrence win 70.3 Cozumel; We look again at 'Weight VS Aero'.

Hi all,
This is the week to drop off your used swim/bike/run gear to sell at our Tri Swap and Annual Store Sale. We make selling or buying gear at this swap easy and convenient. All the details, including COVID-19 considerations, can be found here. The sale starts at 10am Saturday morning, and runs through Sunday.
Heres is your weekly TT Times newsletter:
Weekend Race Report:
  • The 2020 Time Trial World Championships were this past week. 2019 champion and Boise resident Chloe Dygert was leading the race but suffered a horrible crash. She is recovering with a serious leg injury.
  • Dutch rider Anna Van der Breggen subsequently won not only the TT, but followed it up a few days later with a solo victory in the road race.
  • Italian track and road cyclist Filippo Ganna took the men's TT title, while French favorite Julienne Alaphilippe won the road race at the World Championships.
  • Sam Long continues a streak of great form by winning 70.3 Cozumel, and Holly Lawrence dominated the women's field.
Events We're Looking Forward To:
The Tri Swap: October 3rd and 4th from 10am-4pm @ Tri Town Bicycles. Please see our updated Tri Swap page for all details.
Training Thoughts and Updates:
A fun and interesting look at weight vs aero when climbing uphill. The results are similar to the what I found while conducting power-controlled loops on our local Dump Loop.
Quote that Struck a Chord:
"You do something all day long, don't you? Everyone does. They have been either walking, or reading, or writing, or thinking. The only trouble is that they do it about a great many things and I do it about one. If they took the time in question and applied it in one direction, to one object, they would succeed. The trouble lies in the fact that people do not have an object, one thing, to which they stick, letting all else go. Success is the product of the severest kind of mental and physical application." - Thomas Edison.
Have a great week!
Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town
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