The Tri Town Times: 9/21/20

The Tri Town Times: 9/21/20

Photos from Erin Green's RPI Challenge are up; Bear Lake Brawl concluded with a handful of Boise athletes at the top; The Tour de France came to an entertain end; Our Tri Swap is nearing closer - we hope to see many of you there!

Hi all,
Heres is your weekly TT Times newsletter:
Weekend Race Report:
  • A beautiful photo essay from our very own Scott Conover. If you've been on the fence about gravel riding, take a look at the images Scott captured of cycling power couple Erin and Matt Green.
  • The USA's first triathlon of 2020 with a professional field took place in Bear Lake (southern Idaho). On a cold, wet, and windy day that saw many athletes drop out or not start, Boise local Danielle Dingman secured the women's title, and young triathlon star Sam Long took the men's. Tri Town's very own Travis Wood took 10th place overall in the staked field- despite breaking his collar bone just a few months ago. Results here.
  • 21 year old Tadej Pogacar won the 2020 Tour de France with a brilliant time trial performance on the penultimate stage. He is the youngest Tour champion since before WWII. The Slovenian cyclist also won the white (best young rider) and polka dot (best climber) jerseys.
Events We're Looking Forward To:
  • We're two weeks out from the Annual Tri Swap: October 3rd and 4th from 10am-4pm @ Tri Town Bicycles. If you plan on selling gear at the swap, please plan on dropping that equipment off anytime next week. We accept any swim, bike, or run related gear (does not have to be triathlon specific). Please see our Tri Swap page for all details.
Quote that Struck a Chord:
An empowering pre-race thought from professional triathlete Danielle Dingman:
There are some who underestimate you. There are some who don’t know you. Tomorrow, show those who underestimate you what a mistake they’ve made and those who don’t know you, to never forget.”
If You Have a Moment to Spare:
  • This is what true sportsmanship looks like. When some people show the worst of their character in the heat of the moment, others show their best.
  • Australian senior triathlete Loch Blatchford has to be the most quotable triathlete ever. A few of the gems found in this article:
  • “...Doc called me in and said I had a fatty liver. No big deal, the rest of me was fatty so why not the liver? I was told no grog for two years and then no more than two glasses of low alcohol a day. I haven’t had a drink since that day – 25 years ago.”
  • I can’t afford to race overseas and my GIANT bike was built late last century. So what? Suck it up sunshine, you play the hand you are dealt.
  • "The bike course was hilly and too much for a Sumo on a three-speed. I dismounted and trudged uphill acknowledging the commiserations of those who thought I’d had a mechanical breakdown. It wasn’t the bike. It was the engine that was stuffed.”
Have a great week!
Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town
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