The Tri Town Times: 6/4/18

The Tri Town Times: 6/4/18

Vitoria 70.3, Hawai'i 70.3 and Escape from Alcatraz results. East Canyon and Idaho State TT this weekend. Lionel Sander's blog. Silca T Handle Folio toolset.

Hi all,
It was a busy week here at the shop, and an even busier week for racing. Here is your weekly TT Times update:
Weekend Race Report-
  • 70.3 Vitoria in BC is quite a drive but we counted over ten locals who made the trip to compete in this mid-season event.
  • 70.3 Hawaii is one of the few 'non professional' Ironman races, meaning the age group participants get all the attention. A few Boiseans made the trip to the Big Island to compete, and Boise stud Steve Hodges placed high enough in his age group to earn a slot to the Kona Ironman. Congrats Steve!
  • Few races are as iconic as the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. Originally held in 1981, the legendary race is on my short list of races to do one day. A few Boise athletes competed this weekend and congrats to all who conquered this brutal course.
  • Lyle Pearson 200 team (or solo 100mile option from Grandjean to Sun Valley) Time Trial takes riders from Boise to Sun Valley via scenic Highway 21 and 75. Beautiful conditions made for fast racing on this stunning course. I can't recommend this race more to anyone looking for a challenging 100 mile TT or a series of hard 25mile intervals in the team format.
Events We're Looking Forward To-
  • East Canyon Triathlon in Utah is this weekend. With many of our local races disappearing the East Canyon Tri is one of the few Olympic races within a 5hr drive of Boise.
  • The State Championship Time Trial is this weekend. Dr. Mike Mercy was well known in the local cycling scene, and I was lucky enough to call him a good friend. He passed away in 2015, but local cyclist honor him every year by competing in the Mike Mercy Memorial TT (his favorite cycling discipline) in Mountain Home.
Training Thoughts and Updates-
  • We're back to our normal Monday swim routine at Quinn's. Water temps were around 70 degrees last time I measured. See you at 6pm.
  • If you follow pro 70.3 and Ironman racing you've probably heard of the Canadian powerhouse Lionel Sanders. He has an inspiring story of overcoming addiction to become one of the best triathletes in the world. I especially admire his willingness to share his training numbers and preparation process- the man is an open book and a breathe of fresh air for elite racing. He just updated his website, and his blog in particular is worth combing through- you'll find countless gems of great advice throughout.
Gear that caught our attention-
If you know me, you know I have a passion for quality tools. When you use a truly well designed tool it will awe you with it's clever simplicity yet durability. It will be beautiful not only in appearance but in functionality. It will often feel heavy yet naturally balanced in your hands. And most importantly, you will feel fortunate every time something breaks or needs adjusting because you will get to use this quality tool. These are the feeling I have every time I use my Silca T Handle Folio toolset. If you love quality tools and work on your own bike, this should be on your short list.
Quote that Struck a Chord-
"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning." - American novelist Louis L'Amour. This is the feeling I suspect many athletes have the morning after finishing their first Ironman.
If you have <10min to spare-
  • With the iconic Escape from Alcatraz fresh in my mind, this video from pro triathlete Eric Lagerstrom and his budding production company "Transition Four" is a cool insight into training and triathlon preparation at the elite level. Thanks to local elite racer Chris Ganter (frequent contributor to T4) for introducing me to this channel.
Have a great week!
Antonio G
Tri Town



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