Silca T-Handle Folio

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I don't like to throw the word "love" around often. I can think of only three things I love in my life: Mom, my wife, and the Silca T Handle Folio. We can talk about Mom and Amy later, but for now lets talk about this beautiful Allen key set from Silca.
What makes the T-Handle Folio set love-worthy is the sliding t-handle design. It's hard to explain how helpful this feature is until you've tried it. A center detent brings the wrench back to the center T-position (also very helpful). The forged (not welded) steel wrenches come in metric 2-10mm sizes, as well as T25 and T30. That's enough to build about 90% of most bikes. The simple and clean design becomes a seamless extension of your hand after only a few uses.
The 12oz waxed canvas bag embodies the phrase, "A place for everything and everything in it's place." Each tool has a marked position. It's easy to remove and return a wrench to it's canvas home time and again. Two extra nylon loops and a single pocket help with longer tools and miscellaneous items. A simple snap closure system and handle secure your tools and make transport a breeze.
In short, the Silca T Handle Folio will replace many other Allen keys in your tool box. They're perfect for the home, traveling, or professional mechanic. And we guarantee Mom will approve.


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