The Tri Town Times: 3/18/19

The Tri Town Times: 3/18/19

Cape Epic underway; heart rate variation; blood lactate threshold testing; interview w/ Kona age group winner Dan Plews.

Hi all,
Here is your weekly TT Times update:
Weekend Race Report-
This is outside our typical triathlon-focused race reports, but the famous Cape Epic mountain bike race is underway in Western Cape, South Africa. The incredibly hard eight day stage race sees world class and amateur mountain bikers competing in teams of two across the hors categories (beyond category) event. Top triathletes Sebastian Kienle and Ben Hoffman tackled the event last year, and shared their relief on surviving the brutal course.
Events We're Looking Forward To-
We're officially open and operating out of our new home, just across the street from our old location. We're still making adjustments and changes, and hope to have a proper Grand Opening in about a month. I'll keep you posted and until then please stop by and see the shop.
Training Thoughts and Updates-

- A short article regarding heart rate variation from the crew at Training Peaks. The key thought from the article: "This Zone 3 effort meant he would not be able to perform at the higher intensities when I wanted him to later in the week."

     - Confused on how to determine your training zones? Blood lactate threshold testing is a good way to establish appropriate training intensities.

     - Another thought not mentioned in the article but relevant to the base training many of us are doing this time of year: consider tracking your "Heart Rate Decoupling". Decoupling refers to the rise in HR while holding the same pace/effort on a long Z1 or Z2 workout. As your aerobic fitness improves you'll notice your HR 'couples' with your pace/power- meaning the two metrics track together. If you need to spend more time building your aerobic base, you'll notice a point of decoupling as the duration of the workout extends past one, two, three hours, etc.

     - An in-depth article from Joe Friel on heart rate decoupling.

Gear that Caught Our Attention-
Cervelo officially released the new P5 Disc, no doubt destined to become an iconic bike in the triathlon world. The P5 Disc addresses all the key requirements in a modern triathlon bike: full integration of cables, disc brakes, nutrition/hydration storage solutions, and highly adjustable fit, and of course aesthetically pleasing.
Quote that Struck a Chord-
We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. Consequences give us the pain that motivates us to change.” -Henry Cloud.
If you have a few moments to spare-
There is a good interview on Slowtwitch with Dan Plews- the 2018 Hawaii Ironman age group champion. Dan's 8hr 24min finishing time at Kona last year is even more impressive considering he balances his training with being a Ph. D, researcher, father, and coach to some of world's top professional triathletes like Terenzo Bozzone, Jan Van Berkel, Tim Van Berkel.
Have a great week!
Antonio G
Tri Town


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