The Tri Town Times: 3/1/21

The Tri Town Times: 3/1/21

Team Tri Town Launch; effects of super-minimal strength training; Zwift dual power measurement tool

Hi all,
We started Tri Town 10 years ago with the objective to serve and develop the local triathlon community. From the beginning, we embraced characteristics like adoption of new technology, personal development, and consistent, hard work. Not surprisingly, these characteristics are also critical to triathlon racing success. 
The one component missing is community. No journey is ever truly traveled alone, and most are more rewarding when traveled with others. On the day, a triathlon may be a solo effort, but who does not benefit from loyal and committed training partners? A friend at your side helps the miles tick by whether it be in the pool, on the bike, or on the Greenbelt. Somehow, knowing that your training partner is waiting helps you jump out of bed at 5am. And when you don’t think you have one more interval in you, your partner helps you find that part of yourself that you did not know exists. It’s in these moments that you grow and become an athlete that you did not know you could become. The beauty is that no one but you can do the work- the often uncomfortable, sometimes painful, yet always rewarding work that helps you grow as an athlete. That part is still on you. But you don’t have to go it alone. 
This is where Team Tri Town comes in. This team is about building community, creating opportunities to grow, educating ourselves, and sharing knowledge. We’ve built a training schedule to challenge you, yet also integrated opportunities for the group to push you in ways you could never accomplish without others. You can join Team Tri Town at any time: but our official training starts today for St. George 70.3.
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Training thoughts and updates:

- This fascinating article reviews a study on the effects of an ultra-minimal strength training plan. The results show that participants made the bulk of their gains in the first year, and effectively plateaued after that. A key quote from the article: "all programs eventually produce diminishing returns, and the solution is to add a new or different stimulus. It’s certainly likely that if you plateau in one program then switch to another, you’ll see rapid initial progress in the new routine’s specific movements and challenges." 

- And another great article on how Katie Ledecky became the greatest swimmer in the world.

Gear that caught my attention:
I suspect Virtual Racing is here to stay, even after the pandemic has run its course. Serious Zwift racers often use two power sources when competing virtually: typically their smart trainer, and a second power meter on their bike. This redundant system helps streamline the verification process. Zwift now offers a simple tool to analyze dual power readings.

- Tip: most bicycle power meters are measuring power either from the crank, or from the pedals. In this scenario, there is minimal mechanical loss between your body producing the power, and the power meter recording it. On the other hand, a smart trainer is measuring power from the rear wheel- meaning drivetrain losses from your chain, bottom bracket, and derailleur are taken into account. A simple way to mitigate these losses is to clean your chain, and lubricate it with an excellent wet lube like Silca's Synergetic Wet Lube. The difference between a well vs poorly maintained chain can easily be 10+ watts.

Quote that struck a chord:
From the article listed above on Katie Ledecky:
There’s no magic bullet. She doesn’t have this incredible wingspan. She doesn’t have webbed feet. You look at Katie, just like with Michael (Phelps), and you realize the differentiator is between the ears. And their hearts. Their appetite for competition, their unwillingness to lose, and their embracing the challenge. And not just the challenge on competition day, which is a huge part, but the challenge of the training grind.” - Bruce Gemmell, Katie Ledecky's swim coach.
Have a great week!
Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town Bicycles
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