Notes and Resources

Notes and Resources

Notes and resources on a variety of endurance training related topics.

Below are my notes and resources on a variety of topics and books relevant to the endurance athlete. Many of these notes came about due the frequency of questions I receive on the topic of interest. Please send feedback to [email protected].


Book Notes: (relevant to the endurance athlete and coach)

- Chop Wood, Carry Water, by Joshua Medcalf

- Eating for Endurance, by Phil Maffetone

- Faster, by Jim Gourley

- Major Taylor: The World's Fastest Man, by Michael Kranish

- Range, by David Epstein

- Running the Lydiard Way, by Arthur Lydiard

- Running to the Top, by Arthur Lydiard

- Swim to the Top, by David Wright (influenced by Arthur Lydiard)

- The Book of Five Rings, by Miyamoto Mushashi

- The Captain Class, by Sam Walker

- The Inner Game of Tennis, by Timothy Gallwey

- The Little Book of Talent, by Daniel Coyle

- The Obstacle is the Way, by Ryan Holiday

- Training for Endurance, by Phil Maffetone

- Turning Pro, by Steven Pressfield


General Training/Racing:

- Injury prevention and recovery

- Foam rolling

- Plyometrics

- Running form

- Sleep quality and performance

- Strength training for endurance performance

- Stretching

- Training at altitude


Training Theory Related:

- Polarized training model.

- Application of polarized training model in training/racing.


Gear / Equipment Related: 

- Chain lubes, friction, and chain waxing.

- Tire and tire pressure

- Wetsuit tips.


Heart Rate Related:

- Heart rate training.

- Heart rate variability.


Performance Testing Related:

- Lactate threshold testing.

- VO2 max and MAP (maximum aerobic power) testing.


Bike Fit Related: 

- Tri Town presentation on bicycle fitting 

- Bike Fit, by Phil Burt

- Biomechanics of Cycling, by Rodrigo Bini

- Complete Medical Guide for Cyclist, by Andy Pruitt

- Establishing saddle height

- Pedal stroke mechanics




Nutrition Related:

- Alcohol consumption and performance.

- Caffeine and supplements.

- Hydration and sweat loss in training and racing.

- Low carb, high fat diet: the 'con' arguments

- Low carb, high fat diet: the 'pro' arguments.

- Simple but effective nutrition advice.

- Race week/day hydration.

- Race week/day nutrition.



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