What the Pros Talk About

The importance of putting first things first.


American General Omar Bradley once said, "Amateurs talk strategy. Pros talk logistics." 


He was referring to the importance of putting first things first.


What good is your combat strategy if you do not have enough fuel to get your troops to the front line? What good is your huge army if you do not have the food to feed them


Talking strategy is fun and sexy. Logistic can be tedious and boring. This is not to say strategy is unimportant, but it only becomes important once the logistics are ironed out.


Amateurs talk about the color of their bike.

Amateurs talk about the value of the boa laces on their shoes.  

Amateurs talk about the 'speed dimples' on their wheels and clothing.

Amateurs talk about all the supplements they take. 


Pros talk about the importance of showing up every day, putting in the work.

Pros talk about the importance of eating whole and healthy foods. 

Pros talk about making the necessary sacrifice off the field, so that they can reach a new level of performance on the field. 

Pros talk about putting first things first.




Pros don't talk at all, they simply let their legs do the talking for them. 


- Antonio Gonzalez



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