The Tri Town Times: 01/13/20

The Tri Town Times: 01/13/20

YMCA Revamps Local Triathlon Series; Winter Cross Training Ideas; We Introduce Tri Town's Newest Employee - Ricardo!

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Here is your weekly TT Times newsletter:
Events We're Looking Forward To-
The local YMCA has announced the dates for their three sprint-distance triathlons. We are excited to be working closer with the YMCA on these events and will have some announcements to make soon.
  • Spring Sprint Tri: Friday, May 1st (swim) and Saturday, May 2nd (bike/run)
  • Y-Not Tri: Saturday, July 11th.
  • Fall Sprint Tri: Friday, Sept 11 (swim), and Saturday, Sept 12 (bike/run)
Training Thoughts and Updates-
Now that we have some real snow on the mountain, I've found myself contemplating taking a day off from my normal swim/bike/run training to hit the slopes or cross country ski trails. The time spent skiing may not be very specific to triathlon, but I'll still be banking "minutes" at an elevated heart rate- which is the most important consideration this far out from the race season. Specificity of fitness becomes very important as we approach race day, but in the off-season or early-season we should enjoy the variety of activities Boise has to offer. Read more about specificity of fitness on Alan Couzens' excellent blog.
"We can't deny the large transfer effects when it comes to pure aerobic fitness. Top cyclists become very fit runners (without running!) and, to a slightly lesser extent, top runners also tend to put up very good numbers on the bike. This fact has some large implications when it comes to the benefits of cross-training..."
Shop Ops-
I'm very happy to introduce you to the newest member of our coaching team: Ricardo Valverde. I've known Ricardo for a few years now, as an athlete, friend, and now coach. Ricardo is a highly experience triathlete with over 10 years experience in the sport. He has competed in a variety of events around the world, ranging from sprint distance events to Ironman. He caught my attention years ago as an athlete who is genuinely curious about the "why" behind any given workout. He is also one of the rare athletes who can balance dogged persistence and perseverance with an easy-going demeanor. I am excited to have him on board, and please learn more about Ricardo here.
Quote that Struck a Chord-
"Persistence is an action. Perseverance is a matter of will. One is energy. The other endurance." -Ryan Holiday


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