The Tuesday Ride

The Tuesday Ride

Tips and suggestions for the Tri Town Tuesday Group Ride.

The Tri Town Tuesday Ride is a challenging fast pace 'drop' group ride designed to build cycling fitness and group riding skill. The ride is free to anyone who would like to attend. This article provides guidelines and answers a variety of questions we receive about the ride: 


- We ride the same loop every week: a simple ~24mile 'lollipop' loop out and back on Hill Road from the North End of Boise to Eagle Road. 

- A map of the loop can be found here


- The main group leaves at 6pm sharp. The group does not wait if you're running late. 

- A "Plan B" group leaves 5-10min before the main group. If you're getting dropped early in the ride we recommend joining Plan B and try to hold off the main group for as long as possible. 

- If it's your first time participating in the Tuesday Ride we recommend joining the Plan B group to learn the route and rider dynamics. 


- Aerobars are allowed on this ride (team time trial format). 

- It is not recommended to ride in the aerobar position if you are more than 3 riders back from the front. 

- Do not ride in the aerobars two abreast. 


- If you are riding in the group and find the pace too easy for you consider dropping back (and out of the draft) to see if you can hold pace. 

- If you are in the draft and the pace is too easy for you consider riding out of the aerobars to create more drag. 

- If you are in the draft and the pace is too easy for you check for traffic before pulling to the front.


- The roads are open- observe all cycling safety practices and traffic laws: 

- Stop at red lights. Yield at stop signs. 

- Use hand and vocal commands to indicate your intentions to fellow cyclists. 

- Stay within the bike lane at all times. 

 -Ride single file, unless the bike lane is wide enough to safely ride two abreast.


- This is a true "No Hard Feelings" ride. Use the ride to have fun, build fitness, and test your fitness with other riders. 



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