The Tri Town Times: 9/25/23

The Tri Town Times: 9/25/23

This Week: The Tri Swap is here; don't let planning get in the way of the doing.

Hi all,


This weekend is our annual Tri Swap, and this week is your opportunity to drop off gently used gear to sell at the event. With the help of athletes like you, the Swap has helped thousands of athletes discover the joy of swimming, biking, and running. The swap is not limited to triathlon gear- will have a broad selection of mountain, gravel and more equipment on sale. This Tri Swap is also our store's annual sale, with most in-stock items on sale.


The Swap starts at 10am on Saturday morning. I look forward to seeing you there! 



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Weekend race highlights:

- Great Britain's Beth Potter secured her spot at the top of draft legal triathlon by winning the World Triathlon Grand Final and the Series Crown. France's Dorian Coninx won the men's race in a sprint finish that saw him move up from 5th in the overall series standings to become the World Champion.

- Christop Laporte of France won the European Road Race Championships ahead of Wout van Aert of Belgium and Olav Kooij (all who race for Jumbo Visma).

- An interesting tid bit on Wout van Aert: He has raced 23 international championships in his career, finishing on the podium 18 times with 3 gold medals, 12 silver, and 3 bronze. He is one of the most loved and successful bike racers in the pro peloton. Thus far, Wout's career follows a similar trajectory as Raymond Poulador of France during the 1960's and 70's. Poulador's highly successful career was not defined by all the races he won, but by the number of times he took second. Interestingly, Poulador is the grandfather of Wout van Aert's archrival Mathiew van der Poel.



Quote that struck a chord:

"I do not have a plan, I only see the goal and the plans will materialize along the way." Jay Gould.


I've observed many people let the planning get in the way of the doing. This is not to say that planning is unimportant. The value of planning is not in the plan itself- it is in critically thinking through the various scenarios with the best information you have at the time. The moment the situation or your understanding changes the plans are now outdated and due for a critical review.


Air Force fighter pilot John Boyd developed a concept called the OODA Loop that is key to developing and adjusting plans: Observe Orient, Decide, Act, then repeat. The key is that it's a loop, not a one-time practice. The worst plans are the ones you make once and never adjust. The best plans are the ones you constantly adjust along the way.


Athletes would be well served to remember the OODA Loop and be flexible in their approach to training. Plan, but not rigidly, and most importantly keep your focus on the goal.



Train smart,


Antonio Gonzalez

Tri Town Bicycles


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