The Tri Town Times: 8/7/23

The Tri Town Times: 8/7/23

This week: USA Triathlon National Champs in Milwaukee; UCI World "Super Worlds" in Glasgow; running and knee health; and the qualities of a professional.
Image: Athletes sporting the Tri Town jersey at the Burley Spudman triathlon.

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Weekend race report:

A very busy weekend of racing...

- Milwaukee was the center of triathlon this past week, with over 5,000 amateur athletes racing in the USAT National Championships while the professional field competed for a $600k prize purse at the PTO US Open. American Taylor Knibb took control of the race early on the bike and never looked back. Jan Frodeno, at almost 42 years old and in his final year competing as a professional, won the men's race, holding off a hard charging Jason West.

- The UCI World Road Race Championships took place on a wet and challenging circuit in Glasgow. Mathieu van der Poel won the 170 mile race despite crashing with less than 20k to go. The podium was a who's who of professional racing, with Wout van Aert in second, and Tadej Pogacar in third.



Training thoughts:

As part of a build up to a marathon this winter, I've made it a goal to run every day for a month (or longer). We'll see where this leads, but the goal is to build endurance and durability with regular and sustainable aerobic work. The foundation built during this run block will hopefully support more specific marathon training later this fall.


A friend said that it must be bad for our body and knees to run every day. I cannot say that my experience supports that, and research does not seem to indicate that runners have more instances of knee issues than non-runners. As I've worked through this month of running, my body actually feels better and almost craves the morning jog. There is a certain hump an athlete needs to get over when it comes to exercise, and once we clear that hump everything begins to feel better and easier. I believe base training should emphasize getting an athlete over the hump and into that training rhythm and groove.


This daily type of training is not for everyone, but I've found it very effective in supporting an athlete's training later in their season. There are a few rules I follow when training this way (these can be applied to any endurance sport, not just running):


- There is no set distance or time for any given workout. It's as long or as short as you feel is right on that day.

- The pace is aerobic/conversation.

- You cannot go too slow.

- Vary the terrain as much as possible: trails, paths, pavement, treadmill, hills, descents, etc.

- Limit electronic stimuli while training (music, TV, etc). Be content with just the movement of your body and the sound of your breath.


That's it. I recommend repeating training for as long as possible, or until you get about 12-16 weeks out from your key event, at which time more specific training for the demands of your race can begin.



Quote that struck a chord: 

"You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." Plato.



If you have a moment to spare:

This weekend I reread the classic Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. I find his books so relevant because they transcend any one field of interest. For example, his 20 Qualities of the Professional can be applied just as easily to the athlete as they can to the business professional:


  1. Shows up every day (see training thoughts above)
  2. Stays on the job all day
  3. Committed over the long haul
  4. For the professional, the stakes are high and real 
  5. The professional is patient
  6. Seeks order
  7. Demystifies
  8. Acts in the face of fear 
  9. Accepts no excuses
  10. Plays it as it lays
  11. Is prepared
  12. Does not show off 
  13. Dedicates himself to mastering technique
  14. Does not hesitate to ask for help
  15. Does not take failure or success personally
  16. Does not identify with his or her instrument
  17. Endures adversity
  18. Self-validates
  19. Reinvents herself
  20. Is recognized by other professionals 



Train smart and have a great week!


Antonio Gonzalez

Tri Town Bicycles


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