The Tri Town Times: 8/30/21

The Tri Town Times: 8/30/21

PTO Collin's Cup recap; Travis Wood strong at Maine 70.3; Ben Elumbaugh win's NICA race at Magic Mountain; training volume and correlation to athletic performance; Louis Vuitton bike; nutrition value based on minutes of life gained/lossed.

Hi all,
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Weekend race report:

- The PTO's Collin's Cup was held on a wet and windy day in Samorin, Slovakia. The Collin's Cup follows a match play format similar to golf's Ryder Cup: team captains select twelve athletes from their respective region to compete in head-to-head 'matches'. Each match had three professional athletes competing, and points were awarded based on finishing place and margin of victory. The result was an entertaining and highly televisable event that was ultimately won by the European contingent of athletes, with the USA in second, and International athletes in third. Boise's Jocelyn McCauley competed in the event, taking second in her match. A review of the event can be found here, and the full replay can be found here.

Our staff had a great weekend of racing:

- Travis Wood took 14th overall in 70.3 Maine on Sunday, with an overall finishing time of 3hr 44min.

- Ben Elumbaugh (mechanic at Tri Town) won the NICA mountain bike race at Magic Mountain in Kimberly, Idaho.

Events I'm looking forward to:

- Thousands of gravel riders will make their way to Sun Valley, Idaho this weekend for Rebecca's Private Idaho.

- The 70.3 World Championships is September 18th in St. George, Utah.

- Maple Valley 70.3 is September 19th in Washington.

- We will be hosting the annual Tri Swap the first weekend of October. Details to follow in the next couple weeks.

Shop ops:
Tri Town will be closed next Monday, September 6th for Labor Day.
Training thoughts:
Fascinating read from Outside magazine. A key thought from the article: " volume of training had the highest correlation with top performance at .75. This was followed by easy runs (with a correlation of .68), tempo runs (.58), and short intervals (.56). Long intervals had a very low correlation with performance (.22). And time trials and races had essentially no correlation, perhaps because top runners aim to win their big races rather than shooting for fast times."
Gear that caught my attention:
Not what I was expecting for a $29,000 bike, but what I should have expected from Louis Vuitton.
Quote that struck a chord:
"Race day is going to hurt no matter what. You do the training so that you have the confidence to push on despite the discomfort." - Amy Gonzalez (my wife).
If you have a moment to spare:
An interesting way to think of nutrition: how many minutes of life will this cost me?
A closing thought:
We should embrace the feeling of being unqualified: it means we're working outside our comfort zone and growing our skill set.
Have a great week!
Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town Bicycles
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