The Tri Town Times: 8/22/22

The Tri Town Times: 8/22/22

This Week: Collins Cup wrap up. Universal run form? Benefits of an ice slushy on hot days. Kickrs on sale. Appearing foolish.

Image: Prior Tri Town crew member, Preston Hu, riding the Boise Foothills.

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Weekend race report: 

The Collins Cup was this weekend. 36 of the top triathletes from around the world competed in a Ryder Cup format for a slice of the $1.5M prize purse. In a repeat of the Ironman World Championships, Daniella Ryf and Kristian Blummenfelt came away with the fastest times on the day. Team Europe dominated the event, winning 8 of the 12 matches. Local professional Jocelyn McCauley took 2nd in Match 5. Results here. Watch a highlight video here.


And did you hear about the up-and-coming Boise athlete who made a surprise, last minute appearance in the Collins Cup? 


Training thoughts and updates: 

- Another study showing no universal run form exists that is more economical for endurance running speeds. This study reminded me of a good video comparing the dramatically different, yet highly effective run forms of Chrissie Wellington and Mirinda Carfrae. For most people, trying to 'change your form' is more likely to cause injury and/or decrease your run efficiency. The best advice I have regarding run form can be found here

- Benefits of an ice slushy before, during, and after hot events. This article reminds me of a race experience: Years ago, I raced the Boise Twilight Criterium. The race was in late July, and started around 2pm. The day was exceptionally hot, over 100F. Heat management would be key. To address this, I brought a bucket of ice water and a long cotton sleeve tee shirt to the warmup. I soaked the cotton shirt in the bucket of ice water, then proceeded through my typical ~20min warmup. I stopped once during the warmup to soak the shirt again in the cold water. I removed the cotton shirt right before the race, and toed the line feeling almost chilled, while many of my competitors were already overheating. I ended up winning that race on a solo breakaway, and I attribute that performance to proper heat management in tough conditions.


Gear that caught my attention: 

We have a few Wahoo Kickr's in stock from the early 2022 season. Wahoo plans on releasing the 6th version of the Kickr in the coming weeks, with improved WiFi connectively. Our V5 Kickrs are some of the most reliable and effective training tools for the winter and early season. On sale now for $899, down form $1200. 


Quote that struck a chord: 

"A huge obstacle to success is a fear of appearing foolish.

When we learn to walk, we fall over and over again until we can do it. We look foolish until the minute we don't. That is how we learn. As adults we often tell ourselves that failing in front of other people is bad, so we don't try things that might make us look foolish...

...So much advantage in life comes from being willing to look foolish in the short term."

-Shane Parrish


I love the line: "We look foolish until the minute we don't." The trick is to toss ego aside, and not take yourself too seriously. Those who look most foolish may simply be the best at finding the technique that is most effective for themselves. Case in point: 

- The fosbury flop

- Janet Evan's swim stroke

- Lionel Sanders run form (see Collins Cup highlight video above)

- Wearing a soaking wet cotton t-shirt during a warmup.


If you have a moment to spare: 

Insane: climbing the world's steepest climb (above 45%). 



Train smart, and have a great week! 


Antonio Gonzalez

Tri Town Bicycles


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