The Tri Town Times: 8/19/19

The Tri Town Times: 8/19/19

Cody Beals wins Mont-Tremblant, Lionel takes 2nd; 2020 Tokyo Olympic Triathlon test event drama; proper execution of high intensity workouts; sweat rate and sodium requirements.

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Weekend Race Report-

- Lionel Sanders made his much anticipated return to racing at Ironman Mont-Tremblant yesterday. A solid race was not enough to beat defending champion Cody Beals, but Lionel nonetheless stamped his ticket to Kona for the 2019 World Championships.

- The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are less than a year away, and a key 'test event' was held on the Olympic course this past weekend. The women's run was shortened to 5k (as opposed to 10) due to extreme heat- no insignificant decision as many athletes make decisive race-winning moves in the last 5k of a triathlon. But more importantly, the race ended with drama after British training partners and top two finishers Jessica Learmonth and Georgia Taylor Brown were disqualified for finishing the race hand-in-hand (resulting in a tie). The athletes violated ITU rule 2.11.f which states: "Athletes who finish in a contrived tie situation, where no effort to separate their finish times has been made, will be DSQ." 3rd place finisher and 8x World Champion Flora Duffy was awarded the win.

Shop Ops-

The 8th Annual Triathlon Swap is on the calendar for October 5 and 6th.

Training Thoughts and Updates-

- More great training advice on proper execution of workouts from Chris Case and Trevor Connor of Velonews. The best training plans tends to be simple, often repeating weeks, with a good balance of focused intervals and quality aerobic work.

- Understanding your sodium requirements can be as important as nutrition or training when it comes to training and race day success. With warm weather on the forecast, this timely and insightful podcast touches on the personal nature of sweat rate and how to test your sodium requirements.

- A huge thank you to everyone who joined us this season for the evening swims at Quinn's Pond. We enjoyed the friendships and great workouts. Unfortunately we have wrapped up our official swims at the pond for the remainder of the season. Join us next season for more structured open water swim workouts.

Quote that Struck a Chord-
"You can't have a baby in a month by getting nine women pregnant." Warren Buffet.
I love this quote for so many reasons. In particular, it reminds me of how important it is for endurance athletes to do the WORK, trust the process, and be patient. There are no short cuts to long term success.
Have a great week!
Antonio G
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