The Tri Town Times: 7/8/19

The Tri Town Times: 7/8/19

Challenge Roth; planks for muscle activation; habits vs goals;

Hi all,
Yesterday I joined ~3500 other athletes at Challenge Roth in Germany. Never have I seen a country so excited about triathlon, or a city so supportive of its namesake race. Hundreds of thousands of spectators come out to support the event, you can practically ride their energy to the finish line. The care and attention to detail Challenge puts into this race is unlike anything I've seen in my 16+ years in triathlon, and in every way I would say this race is worthy of its legendary reputation. If you have the chance to travel to this beautiful country to compete on this course I cannot recommend it more.
I hope to put together a brief race report soon, maybe in next week's newsletter. Until then, here is your weekly TT Times:
Weekend Race Report-
  • Lucy Charles took the women's title at Roth this weekend and Andreas Dreitz dominated the stacked men's field. As I mentioned above the real winners were all the participants who were able to enjoy the stunning venue, spectacular course, and incredible crowd support. Results here.
Events We're Looking Forward To-
  • The popular Boise Twilight Criterium is this Saturday. A whole day's worth of racing starts at noon in front of the Capitol Building, with the women's pro race starting at 7pm and the men's at 8:15pm.
Training Thoughts and Updates-
  • Looking to improve muscle activation? Don't give up on those planks before progressing to more integrated exercises and complex movements.
  • A short article on the benefits of focusing on building habits vs. goals. The principles expressed in the article apply as much to athletics as they do to business and personal development.
Gear That Caught Our Attention-
With the Tour de France in full swing, enjoy checking out the latest bike tech from the iconic race.
Quote that Struck a Chord-
"Every choice you make is a step toward or away from the person you want to become.
No single choice will get you where you want to go. Only repeated steps over time in the same direction will move you forward." Shane Parrish
Have a great week!
Antonio G
Tri Town


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