The Tri Town Times: 7/17/23

The Tri Town Times: 7/17/23

This week: Matteo Jorgensen Stage 9 performance; the work is the win.
Image: Amy Gonzalez racing Oregon 70.3

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Weekend race report:

Boise native Matteo Jorgensen is having an amazing performance at this year's Tour de France. On Stage 9, Matteo broke off the front with about 45 km to go, only to be caught on the final climb and finish in 4th place. He backed up the performance with another strong day on Stage 12, taking 3rd place overall.



Events I'm looking forward to:

Good luck to all the athletes making the trip to Salem for 70.3 Oregon this Sunday.



Quote that struck a chord: 

"The work has to be the win." Ryan Holiday


I had an interesting discussion with an athlete the other day. He told me he plans on training for his first triathlon next year, a 70.3, and that he wants to go under 5 hours for the race.


In business I often hear the same type of comment: someone plans to start a business, and their goal is to reach $1 million in revenue by the end of their first year in business.


Though I admire the ambition, my heart breaks when I hear people say these things.


The most important lesson I've learned from endurance sports and business is that the quickest way to success is to first and foremost find joy in the daily process.


- Enjoy waiting up early and getting the training in while everyone else is sleeping.

- Master the basic Zone 2 workout that you've done 1,000x before.

- Embrace sweeping the floors or taking out the trash- knowing a clean and orderly workplace carries many hidden benefits.

- Most importantly, embrace the tough days, knowing that you can't truly appreciate a good day unless you've experienced bad ones.


If you find enjoyment in the daily process, every day is a win, and success is inevitable.



If you have a moment to spare:

- Crazy Tour de France spectators.

- Steph Curry sinks a hole-in-one.



Train smart and have a great week!


Antonio Gonzalez

Tri Town Bicycles


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