The Tri Town Times: 6/1/20

The Tri Town Times: 6/1/20

Local pro, Matteo Jorgenson, sets the new Bogus Basin Hill Climb record time; We invite you to participate in our June Triathlon Challenge; Thoughts on the timing of strength workouts into your routine.

Weekend "Race" Report:
World Tour rider and local phenom Matteo Jorgenson just set the Bogus Basin Hill Climb record as part of an otherwise casual 100 mile training ride. Matteo's time of 50min 3sec shaves over a minute off the record Jamie Yanik set in the 2014 Bogus Hill Climb race.
Events We're Looking Forward To:
A shoutout to Gabe Blanchet for putting this idea on our radar and allowing us to share it with you. For the month of June, we're putting up a simple triathlon challenge: try to complete a triathlon of escalating duration each weekend.
Here are the basics:
  • Saturday,  June 6th: Sprint Tri. 1 lap of Quinns Pond, 20k bike, 5k run.
  • Saturday, June 13th: Olympic Tri. 2 laps of Quinns, 40k bike, 10k run.
  • Saturday, June 20th: Half Tri. 3 laps of Quinns, 56m bike, 13m run.
  • Saturday, June 27th: Full Distance Swim/Bike: 4 laps of Quinns, 112m bike.
  • Sunday,    June 28th: Full Distance Run: Marathon run.
We'll have a group starting the swim at Quinn's pond at 7am each Saturday morning. Bike and run routes are completely up to you. Save your workouts, and post them to the Tri Town Club page on Strava. Goal is to have fun and challenge yourself at your pace.
Training Thoughts and Updates:
The gyms are opening back up, and I'm excited to get back into the weight room. The biggest mistake I see endurance athletes make when it comes to strength training is the timing of the session. Strength training is beneficial cross training to your long aerobic workouts, but the intensity and timing should be taken into consideration to not compromise the quality of your important endurance sessions.
Quote that Struck a Chord:
Two quotes on discipline stood out to me this week:
"Mental toughness is many things and rather difficult to explain. Its qualities are sacrifice and self denial. Also, and most importantly, it is combined with a perfectly disciplined will that refuses to give in. It is a state of mind that you could call character in action." - Vince Lombardi
"Nothing is more harmful to the service than the neglect of discipline; for it is discipline more than numbers that gives one army superiority over another." - George Washington
If You Have a Moment to Spare:
The poorly thought through Jump Bikes by Uber and being sent to the recycling lot by the truck load.
Have a great week!
Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town


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