The Tri Town Times: 5/27/19

The Tri Town Times: 5/27/19

Capacity training vs utilization training.

Hi all,
Happy Memorial Day and thank you to everyone who made our Grand Opening Celebration this past weekend. It was great spending a day with good friends and family at the shop. Thank you for supporting Tri Town and our vision these past 8 years, and for making this move into a better space possible. We hope to serve you and support your racing dreams for many years to come.
Now down to business:
Weekend Race Report-
The Onionman Olympic Distance Triathlon took place yesterday in Walla Walla, Washington. Results should be posted here soon.
Events We're Looking Forward To-

- Hawaii 70.3 is this Saturday on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is one of the few 70.3 races that automatically qualify you for the Ironman World Championships if you win your age group.

- The popular Lyle Pearson 200 (team relay) and 100 (solo) Time Trial is this Saturday.

- A solid group of locals are making the trip to Victoria, British Colombia for the 70.3 this Sunday.

Shop Ops:

- We're looking for a full time mechanic to join our crew. The right person will need professional mechanical experience, be interested in working in the bicycle industry as a long term career choice, and be able to work 30+ hours per week. If you or someone you know is interested, please have them email [email protected] or stop by with a resume so we can setup and interview.

- The shop is closed today. Enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday.

- Our usual Monday evening swim at Quinn's Pond is cancelled due to the holiday. See you next Monday at 6pm.

Training Thoughts and Updates-
People use different terms to describe the various training periods, but this article does a great job of breaking down the differences in base (capacity) training vs build (utilization) training.
Quote that Struck a Chord-
"What is missed in all of this is the mindset of craftsmanship; that one’s expertise and deliberate focus on one’s craft is actually the primary driver for success and not some crapshoot of a series of hacks."
If the current paradigm of shortcuts and 'life hacks' isn't working for you, maybe it's time to consider diving deep and learning your craft the old fashion way. Read more about craftsmanship here.
If You Have a Moment to Spare-
The pool noodle technique in cycling: "It may be silly, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful."
Have a great week!
Antonio G
Tri Town


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