The Tri Town Times: 4/18/22

The Tri Town Times: 4/18/22

Image: Toby Miller racing the Spring Sprint in Boise, Idaho.

This Week: Using competition to bring out the best in yourself.

Hi all,
Here is your weekly Tri Town Times newsletter:
Weekend race report:
The 45th running of the Race to Robie Creek took place on a wet and windy Saturday, having missed the last two years due to the pandemic. Ex-elite runner Megan Rolland won the women's race, and elite trail runner Jackson Brill won the men's race.
Events I'm looking forward to:
  • A strong group of locals are heading to The Woodlands for Ironman Texas. Race day is this Saturday.
  • Bengal Sprint Triathlon is this Saturday in Pocatello, Idaho.
Training thoughts and updates:
The shop's Tuesday Threshold Group Ride starts up tomorrow. A few key details for those who would like to attend:
  • Riders of all abilities are invited.
  • The group leaves at 6pm sharp.
  • Neutral, easy rollout from the shop until we reach Seaman's Gulch (approx. 6 miles)
  • This year's route is an 'extended Dump Loop' (see link above). Approximately 20 miles and 1,300ft of climbing.
Quote that struck a chord:
When competing with others:
The best is using competition to bring the best out of yourself.
The worst is using the results of others to judge yourself.
The race results page is simply a list that makes it easy to judge yourself.
It does not show the hurdles you overcame to get there.
It does not show the progress you made.
It does not show the person you became during the journey.
Call it what it is: a list of times, and nothing more.
Have a great week!
Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town Bicycles
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