The Tri Town Times: 3/14/22

The Tri Town Times: 3/14/22

Image: Tri Town mechanic and NICA racer, Ben Elumbaugh.

This week: Gentle and Long win CLASH Miami; Roglič win's Paris-Nice; the time commitment of top performance.

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Weekend race report:

- Ashleigh Gentle broke the course record at CLASH (formerly Challenge) Miami on a brutally hot day in which 50% of the field dropped out. Sam Long proved he's in great early-season form with a win in the very competitive men's race.

- Former world #1 cyclist Primož Roglič won the week-long Paris-Nice road race yesterday. Paris-Nice is the first UCI European cycling race of the 2022 season. Just two years ago it was the also the last sporting event in France before the country shut down due to the pandemic.

Events I'm looking forward to:
70.3 Oceanside on Saturday, April 2nd is one of the most competitive 70.3 events in North America.
Shop ops:
Our next Flat Tire and Repair Class is this Friday at 5pm. Our mechanics share with you tips and tricks to quickly and efficiently change a flat tire. Bring your own bike for this hands-on class. Cost is $10.
Training thoughts and updates:
Alan Couzens is an exercise physiologist who has long been a favorite resource of mine. His website is a treasure trove of data-driven advice on endurance sports training and performance. He recently published an article for Triathlete reviewing the training time requirements for various levels of Ironman performance. It's an insightful read for anyone considering tackling Ironman for the first time.
Underestimating the time commitment needed to successfully complete an Ironman is a common mistake. Underestimating the weekly training requirements is the obvious mistake, the less obvious one is the years of time it takes to build up the body's ability to handle the physical stress of long, grueling workouts. I believe the great Mark Allen once said it takes four years of training to begin training for an Ironman. With the athletes I work with, I call it the "cost of entry" to be successful in this sport. Avoid paying it at your own risk.
Remember, the most important question to ask yourself is not "How many hours per week can I devote to training", but "What am I willing to give up to accomplish my goals". Failing to give up low priority items early on in the process will result in you failing at high priority goals later on.
Quote that struck a chord:
"Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else." Peter F. Drucker.
Have a great week!
Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town Bicycles
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