The Tri Town Times: 2/8/21

The Tri Town Times: 2/8/21

Tri Town now conducts Peloton bicycle fits; UCI bans 'super tuck'; best bicycle commercial ever.

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Training thoughts and updates:

- Do you own a Peloton or similar indoor fitness bike? The workouts conducted on an indoor bike are often as long and intense (if not more intense) then the typical workouts conducted on traditional road, tri, or mountain bike. To address this, we now offer a professional bicycle fitting service just for Peloton and other indoor bikes. We come to your home and take you through the same fitting process as if you were in our fit studio here at Tri Town. You can schedule an Indoor Fitness Bike Fit here, or learn more about our fitting process here.

- Speaking of bike fitting: the UCI will ban the infamous "super tuck" position from competitive road racing in April of this year. The "super tuck" is unique in that the rider is able to assume a very aerodynamic position at a relatively low energy cost (especially when compared to the "super stretch" or even the infamous "super man" position), but of course this comes at a significant cost to the rider's safety and places the bulk of the rider's weight on the top tube. The center of the top tube is typically the weakest and most vulnerable part of a bicycle frame.

Quote that struck a chord:
"By and large, 'knowing how' matters more than 'knowing what."' - Gian Carlo Rota.
Often we may know 'what' to do, but are unclear on how to do it. You know you're suppose to do a base building bike ride... but what does that mean? What heart rate do you hold (here's a tip: you should be able keep your mouth closed and nose-breath most of the ride)? What cadence is best (it depends)? Are hills okay (sure, so long as you manage the intensity).
When a beginner is feeling overwhelmed with training, it is often because they are focusing too much on 'what' they can or should be doing, and not so much on 'how' to do it, or 'how' that workout will effect their physiology and race performance.
If you're someone who is interested in learning more about "how" to train for triathlon and endurance sports, our crew at Tri Town will have some excited news for you next week. Stay tuned.
If you have a moment to spare:

- My favorite commercial from the Super Bowl.

- And since we're on the topic of commercials, this is possibly the best bicycle advertisement ever made.

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Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town Bicycles
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