The Tri Town Times: 2/20/23

The Tri Town Times: 2/20/23

This Week: Last day to preorder '23 kits, Matteo wins Tour of Oman, inversion model to training.

Hi all,


Today is your last day to preorder your 2023 Tri Town custom kit and save 20%. The design uses a deep blue tone-on-tone theme, with bold white features highlighting our roots right here in Boise, Idaho. The back of the jersey displays a silhouette of the Boise skyline. This is our highest quality jersey we have ever created, and we would be proud to have you wear the shop colors.


Some helpful ordering details:


- Use discount code TTKIT20% at checkout. 

- Want to put half down, and the remainder upon delivery? Please call us (208-297-7943) or email [email protected] to do so. 

- Only order your kit online if you want to pre-pay for your kits in full.

- We expect the kits to be delivered in early - mid April, 2023.

- You don't have to be a pro or elite athlete to wear our kits!

- Any questions or concerns? Please give us a call at 208-297-7943, or stop by the shop, or simply respond to this email.



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Weekend race report:

23 year old Boise rider Matteo Jorgenson won the five stage Tour of Oman by a single second last week. This is Matteo's first professional overall victory. Last year he finished an impressive 21st in the Tour de France.



Events I'm looking forward to:

We are hosting a free seminar with Master Rossiter Instructor Ellen Argo this Saturday, February 25th at 10am. The "Rossiter Stretching Method” can help you experience immediate pain relief and get back to physical activity quickly and without pain. Learn more about the seminar here and please RSVP by responding to this email.



Training thoughts and updates:

How do you determine the perfect way to build your fitness and prepare for a major event?


You don't. It's too complex a problem, with too many unknowns and variables outside your control.


Instead, invert the problem. If you cannot be perfect in your buildup to your event, just avoid being stupid.


Avoiding stupid decisions is easier and often more effective than trying to be brilliant.


On any given day I have no idea what the perfect workout is for myself or any of my athletes. But I've plowed the fields of stupidity long enough to know what a bad workout looks like, believe you me. Avoiding really bad decisions is now my primary focus in training, business, and life in general.


Social psychologist Kurt Lewin set the foundation for inversion thinking back in the 1930's. Here it is with a running example:

  1. Identify the problem (I can't run)
  2. Define the objective (invert by starting at the end:I want to run a marathon)
  3. Identify the forces that support change towards your objective (run volume, strength, mobility, recovery, sound nutrition, etc)
  4. Identify the forces that impede change towards your objective (invert again: time away from running, injury, overcommitments, training complexity, poor nutrition, poor sleep/recovery, etc)
  5. Strategize a solution. (design training plan based on inversion principles)


The beauty of inversion thinking is that it promotes taking action by acknowledging that we do not need all the answers to begin making progress, nor do we need to be perfect in our execution to be successful. Seeking perfection is just a mask for procrastination, while taking action with the objective of simply avoiding stupid mistakes is something all of us can embrace.



Quote that struck a chord

"It is the nature of things that many hard problems are best solved when they're addressed backwards." Charlie Munger



Train smart,


Antonio Gonzalez

Tri Town Bicycles


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