The Tri Town Times: 2/1/21

The Tri Town Times: 2/1/21

Zwift duathlon racing; triathlon greats share a zoom conference call; Idaho Stop law; Danny MacAskill "slabs".

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Training thoughts and updates:
Very cool to see Zwift adding a duathlon racing component to their app. Now if we add an endless pool...
Bike Industry news:

- During USA Triathlon's Endurance Exchange Expo four of the greatest triathletes in history gave a group key note speech. The stories, insight, and trash talk was awesome.

- In 1982 Idaho passed a law designed to promote cycling and commuting. The "Idaho Stop" allows for cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs and red lights as stop signs. The Idaho Stop has been both good and bad for local cyclists: it makes cycling more efficient and enjoyable, but many drivers are not aware of the law and see cyclists riding with apparent abandon on city streets. At this point, Arkansas is the only other state that has fully adopted the Idaho Stop law, with Delaware, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado adopting modified versions. California is now trying for the second time to pass the Idaho Stop into law.

Quote that struck a chord:
Nietzsche once said, “I measure the strength of a spirit by how much truth it can take.”
Lately, I've been helping a lot of athletes with blood lactate threshold tests, FTP tests, MAF and MAP tests, etc. These workouts, designed to tell us how well our training is working, often cause as much stress and anxiety as a race itself. I tell these athletes to not think of them as "tests", but as "reference workouts". These workouts act as guiding beacons on your athletic journey- proving opportunity for course correction before it is too late.
A reference workout, like a race, takes a lot of courage to do. At the end of a race, there is nowhere to hide- your ability, training, and preparation is stripped bare and there for all to see. A reference workout is no different, but only you will see the results. Only you will see the truth of the situation at this time. Hopefully, the truth is positive: your training and commitment the last several months has paid off. You've built real fitness. But sometimes the results are negative, and in this moment you are given a beautiful opportunity. When things don't work out, when you have a bad result, you learn something real: you learn that what you've been doing isn't working. You learn that change is needed- and you now have a great reason to change! You can use this painful moment to test your spirit and make real change before it is too late.
Thought I'm working on:
Processed food may be cheaper than real food,
But the real cost of processed food is paid later in life.
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