The Tri Town Times: 11/6/23

The Tri Town Times: 11/6/23

This week: '23 Boise Favorites, flat tire clinic, shape your environment for success.

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Weekend Highlights:

- A new record was established at the New York Marathon yesterday as Tamirat Tola from Ethiopia ran a determined race from start to finish, crossing the finish line in 2:04:58, breaking the previous record by a mere 8 seconds.

- In the 70.3 Cabo race, Boise was represented by two professional triathletes, Travis Wood and Carolyn Olsen, both delivering impressive performances.


Events I'm looking forward to:

- Our fall series of maintenance classes begin next Tuesday with a Flat Tire Clinic, where you'll gain the skills to confidently install and remove both standard and tubeless tires. Our full selection of courses can be found here.


Thought that struck a chord:

Great athletes excel at shaping an environment conducive to success. No amount of hard work can compensate for unfavorable timing or positioning.


Most athletes anticipate that success demands a substantial amount of hard work. They not only expect it but also relish it, with the best among them embracing the daily grind that others may find mundane.


While it's one thing to dedicate oneself to hard work, it's equally crucial to shape one's environment to ensure that the effort yields the most significant return on investment. If your surroundings create problems, generate emotional stress, or impose undue demands on your time, adding additional responsibilities like a race won't help you escape these issues; it will only compound them. Adding more tasks doesn't resolve existing problems.


In our shop, after completing a tune-up, we always 'reset the bench' by tidying up and organizing all tools and parts before beginning the next project. This seemingly simple yet essential step prevents mistakes and saves time and energy in the long run. I often remind our mechanics that a messy bench reflects the state of their mind – disorganized and challenging to navigate. Before taking on the next challenge, organize your affairs.


An athlete is no different; the successful ones ensure their personal and work matters are in order before embarking on their next significant endeavor.


If you have a moment to spare:

"It's like being in a foxhole on a wind trainer." Have you heard of a cyclor? A cyclor is a cyclist-sailor who drives the hydraulic systems on the super-advanced yachts raced in the America's Cup. You'll find some of the best track cyclists in the world powering these yachts, pedaling specially made parts by Campagnolo and other major players in the cycling world.



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Antonio Gonzalez

Tri Town Bicycles


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