The Tri Town Times: 11/5/18

The Tri Town Times: 11/5/18

Ironman Florida; Super League Mallorca; podcast w/ Dr. Stephen Seiler; Kickr Climb; TED Talk w/ Alex Honnold.

Today's picture is of our shop manager Dominique and her staffordshire bull terrier, Phay. Phay passed away last week. She was the best door greeter I've ever known, and a perfect shop dog in every way. She will be dearly missed by me and many of our clients.
Now for your weekly TT Times update:
Weekend Race Report-

- Ironman Florida was Sunday. The race directors made a huge effort to save the race by changing the race date and location after Hurricane Michael devastated the original course. Congrats to the locals who made the journey and to all who competed.

- International highlights include another win for Vincent Luis at Super League Mallorca, and Taylor Spivey taking the women's title in the exciting, criterium-style format.


Events We're Looking Forward To-
We have a large group of locals making the journey to Tempe, Arizona for the Ironman on Sunday, November 18th. As always, use the Ironman Tracker App to keep track of your friends on race day.
Training Thoughts and Updates-
I look forward to the winter training season because it means a couple things: nordic skiing is just around the corner; and I'll have more time to listen to podcasts while training indoors. If you don't already listen to podcasts while running on the treadmill or riding, I highly recommend it as a great opportunity to expand your personal library of knowledge. This discussion from VeloNews with Dr. Stephen Seiler on how to 'polarize' your training (duration: 1hr 15min) was my favorite podcast from this week.
Gear That Caught Our Attention-
Speaking of indoor training, I had low expectations for the Kickr Climb when it first arrived at our shop. But now that I've used it for multiple bike fits and trainer rides, I'm honestly impressed. The Climb not only adjusts resistance based on the incline, but also follows the incline of the course you're riding on your favorite app like Zwift.
Popular Social Post-
A quick view of Ironman Hawaii by the numbers. Highlights for me? The number of volunteers to participants is approximately 2 to 1. Related to that, the Kona Bike Countis a quick way to see what the best triathletes in the world chose to ride. By far the most dominate players in their respective categories are Zipp wheels and Shimano drivetrains.
Quote that Struck a Chord-
Theodore Roosevelt would have been a great triathlete:
It was one of those moments that repay the hunter for days of toil and hardship; that is if he needs repayment, and does not find life in the wilderness pleasure enough in itself.”
If You Have a Few Moments to Spare-
Despite being a competitive rock climber for 8 years, the first 30sec of this TED Talk with free climber Alex Honnold still made my hands sweat.
Have a great week!
Antonio G
Tri Town


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