The Tri Town Times: 1/25/21

The Tri Town Times: 1/25/21

Boise Braves Mountain Bike Team is looking for a new head coach; Phil Maffetone on the Peter Attia podcast; how bicycles were made in 1945.

Hi all,
Our local community could use your help: the Boise Braves Mountain Bike Team is in need of a new head coach. The team has grown to over 100 high school students, and has helped thousands of youth discover the joys of cycling over the last 7 years. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please see the cover letter and job description for more information. Interested candidates will need to submit their resume and cover letter to Lance Davisson, Board Member and Coach Liaison, at [email protected] by February 15, 2021.
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Training thoughts and updates:
Phil Maffetone was the coach to some of history's greatest triathletes like Mark Allen, Mike Pigg, and many others. Maffetone's nutrition and training recommendations often went against the trends of the time- yet his methods have survived the test of time. This podcast with Dr. Peter Attia is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about the Maffetone approach to training and nutrition.
Gear that caught my attention:
We're deep into the indoor trainer season, and for the first time in a long time we actually have a couple Wahoo Kickr Cores in stock. These trainers have been almost impossible to come by the last two winters. Free domestic shipping or in-store pickup.
Quote that struck a chord:
"The best thing you can hope for as an athlete or creative or intellectual or artist or craftsman is to express your full fitness, to put together a piece of work that represents your utmost and hard earned inner capacities.
If you do that, then you've won." - Brad Stulberg.
(If you identify with today's quote, see Margaux Elliott's story below...)
If you have a moment to spare:

- The inspiring story of Margaux Elliott- who rode her mountain bike to over 1 million feet of elevation gain last year (that's the equivalent of up and down Mt. Everest 34 times). There is one passage in particular that will stand out to anyone who has dedicated themselves to an all-encompassing goal: " wasn’t muscle strain or soreness that she’d have to push through to hit a million. Rather, it would be about continuing to wheel her bike outside on every day listed on her expansive spreadsheet, swinging a leg over the top tube and pushing down on the pedals. She’d have to go ride on all different kinds of days; good and bad, when she felt like it and when motivation was lacking. Most importantly, she’d have to decide what she’d let deflect her from her goal, and what difficulties she could pedal right through."


- For the lovers of bike history and mechanics out there: an old video on how bicycles were made in the 1945 Raleigh factory in England. It is amazing how much of an emphasis was placed on efficiency in manufacturing, and how many components of the bicycle were made in the same factory (compared to today's bikes in which parts are made from manufacturers based all over the world).

Have a great week!
Antonio Gonzalez
Tri Town Bicycles
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