The Tri Town Times: 1/11/21

The Tri Town Times: 1/11/21

Strava's Year in Sport review; Ironman legally defends their refund policy; Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Award.

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Industry News:

- Just how much did we change our exercise habits during the pandemic? Strava's "Year in Sport" report breaks it down.

- Ironman's no refund policy (only deferment) has gained them no love over the years. A class action lawsuit challenged Ironman over a lack of refunds due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A U.S. District Judge upheld Ironman's policy as "clear and consistent with common sense," and pointed out that if race organizers had to give refunds for reasons beyond their control they would not be able to sustain a business.

Gear that caught my attention:
This heartwarming story of a blind bicycle mechanic is a good reminder of how important it is to use all of our senses when engaged in an activity. In the mechanical world, sound and touch are as important as sight, especially when it comes to the mechanical function of a bicycle (I still haven't found much of a use for taste!). Examples of how you can use your senses to keep your bicycle running well:

- You can hear a dry chain.

- You can hear worn out brake pads.

- You can hear and feel a loose headset.

- You can see when a chainring is worn out.

- You can feel a bearing that is worn out.

- You can feel a tire that is over or under inflated.

- You can smell something that is generating too much friction.

An athlete who is in-tune with their body will use all their senses to confirm they're firing on all cylinders. Likewise a great mechanic will use every sense at their disposal to confirm their machine is dialed in.
Quote that struck a chord:
I recently found time management inspiration from a variety of sources:

- "You don't need more time, you need more focus." - Shane Parrish

- "You cannot manage time, you can only manage yourself." Peter Drucker

- "We kill time as time is literally killing us." Cato the Elder

If you have a moment to spare:
The short list for the Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Award. You may notice a photo from Idaho among these finalists.
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