The Tri Town Times 6/22/2020

The Tri Town Times 6/22/2020

Fastest Everesting Challenge record recently set; YMCA Spring Spring will be a virtual event for 2020; all Xterra events cancelled; Hierarchy of Needs in training.

Weekend Race Report:
  • A week ago Australian professional cyclist Lachlan Morton set what was thought to be an Everesting record of 7hrs 32min. It turns out the ride was a bit short- missing the mark by 450meters. So less than a week later, Lachlan repeats the ride (on a slightly different stretch of road) and officially becomes the new Everesting record holder with a time of 7hrs 29min.
Events We're Looking Forward To:
  • The YMCA Spring Sprint Triathlon is now a virtual event. Participants have flexibility on when they complete the swim, bike, and run legs. Details here.
  • All Xterra events this year have been cancelled, including the World Championship race in Maui, originally scheduled for November 8th.
Training Thoughts and Updates:
The foundation of your fitness "Hierarchy of Needs" is training frequency and volume. As athletes, frenquency and volume are two of the four variables we can manipulate to develop fitness. The other two being intensity and type. When I see Lachlan Morton's repeat the Everesting Record within a week's period of time, it reminds me of what is possible when we build a massive foundation of fitness. Morton's was built by riding and occasionally racing his bike nearly every day since he was a child. Building fitness does not have to be overly complicated (be wary of anyone who makes it out to be)- simply do some aerobic activity every day, go hard occasionally, and you will be fit.
Quote that Struck a Chord:
"Mental toughness is persistence, not intensity." James Clear
If You Have a Moment to Spare:
What is the difference between a world class cyclist and the 'average' trained cyclist? It turns out quite a bit, and Lionel Sander's most recent video shows us just that.


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