The Tri Town Times: 01/27/20

The Tri Town Times: 01/27/20

Coeur d'Alene Course Preview; A Worthwhile Cervelo P5 Disc Upgrade; Running Study on Foot Striking; Our Trip to Tempe Endurance Exchange; $2 Million Prize Purse set for Professional Triathlon Organization races; and the Dutch Headwind Championships.

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Events We're Looking Forward To-
Racing Ironman Coeur d'Alene on June 28th this year? The race director recently published a course preview video that is well worth watching if this is your first time competing on this beautiful course.
Gear That Caught Our Attention-
This is for a very specific reader: but if you own the enviable Cervelo P5 Disc you'll love the optional tilt-adjustable aerobar configuration and our insights on how best to hide the cables.
Training Thoughts and Updates-
A 53 study meta-analysis concludes there is no clear improvement in running economy or decrease in injury when changing your running form from a rearfoot strike to a non-rearfoot strike (there is evidence this will decrease running economy). When it comes to running form my best advice is to stay relaxed, and try to land with your foot under your center of gravity. Whether or not that happens to be on your heels or toes does not seem to matter.
Popular Social Post-
Our shop manager Dom Clifford along with coach Ricardo Valverde and I just returned from three packed days of continuing triathlon education at the "Endurance Exchange" in Tempe, AZ. This trip helped me clarify thoughts on nutrition timing, aerodynamic testing, training metrics of top performers, run form, and much more. It was a pleasure to see over 400 coaches, race directors, bike fitters, and triathlon vendors come together to share their experience and expertise.
Quote that Struck a Chord-
"The only thing significant about today or any other day is who you become in the process." Joshua Medcalf
If You Have a Moment to Spare-
  • I'll be closely following the developments of the new Professional Triathlon Organization. Following a format similar to golf's Ryder Cup, and taking a nod from the success of Super League racing with the hope to consolidate the half ironman format into a broadcast-friendly event with wire-to-wire racing amongst the world's top triathletes for a $2 million prize purse. The first race is May 29-30th in Samorin, Slovakia.
  • A naturally illuminated bike path.
  • The Dutch "Headwind Championships".... enough said.
Have a great week!
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