The Tri Town Time: 7/23/18

The Tri Town Time: 7/23/18

Rolf Prima Tri on the Grove; Ironman Lake Placid; 2018 Triathlon Swap scheduled; staying aero while climbing; Peter Sagan vs Grandma Joan

Hi all,
I spent the weekend in Eugene to participated in the Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove. Can't say enough good things about the event- definitely consider putting the race on your calendar next year. Here is your weekly TT Times update:
Weekend Race Report-
- Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove is run by the "Best in the West" crew, and they do a fantastic job with this scenic race. Results here.
- Lake Placid Ironman was held Sunday in wet and windy conditions. This year the race was a women's-only pro race, with Heather Jackson leading wire-to-wire to dominate the field. Results here.
Events We're Looking Forward To-
- A strong group of Boiseans are making the trip to Santa Rosa for the 70.3 next Saturday, July28th.
- Canada is getting ready for busy weekend with both 70.3 Calgary and 70.3 Canada (in Whistler) on Sunday, July 29th.
- The Boise Goathead Fest
- Can you get hooked on triathlon too early in life? I don't think so: RODS Jr Youth Triathlon at Hidden Springs is Saturday, August 4th.
- Our Annual Triathlon Swap and Fall Sale is scheduled for September 1st and 2nd. Buy or sell new and used gear at our swap meet located right at the store. Don't miss this very popular event.
Shop Ops-
Today will be our first swim at Veteran's Pond (on a map called "Boise Cascade Lake") for the season. Construction on Veterans Memorial Parkway may require entrance to the park from the Chinden side. We meet on the sandy beach head on the northwest corner of the pond. The water is cooler than Quinn's so please bring your wetsuits. Same 6pm starting time, and we recommend parking at Veterans Memorial Park and walking the 1/4mile to the lake.
Popular Social Post-
Climbing a hill and still holding above ~12mph? Stay aero.
Gear that Caught Our Attention-
While in Eugene this weekend Brian Roddy, owner of Rolf Prima Wheel Systems, gave me a private factory tour of their factory. My first race bike came with a set of Rolf wheels, so I was very excited about this. Brian, an engineer by trade, walked me through the machining, building, and testing process of high end wheels. Rolf is one of only two companies in the USA who actually build their own aluminum wheels from scratch. This labor intensive process is not the most cost effective approach, but necessary to reach the quality control standards they require to use their paired-spoke design. It was fascinating learning about all the challenges and hurdles Rolf has had to overcome to build wheels in the USA- never following the easiest way, but the using their engineering mindset to overcome one challenge after another.
Quote that Struck a Chord-
“If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
If you have a moment to spare-
Peter Sagan vs Grandma Joan is possibly the greatest race of all time.
Have a great week!
Antonio G
Tri Town



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