Join the Tri Town Boise Zwift Club

Join the Tri Town Boise Zwift Club

Join Tri Town for a regular Zwift group rides and work outs throughout the winter months.

The coaching team at Tri Town is excited to offer club rides twice per week during the winter months. The Tri Town Boise Zwift Club rides are social and open to all abilities. 



  • Smart trainer (Wahoo Kickr, Tacx, etc)
  • Zwift Account
  • Zwift Companion App*
  • A bike, of course. 




Start by downloading the Zwift App and the Companion App to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 


On the Zwift Companion App, join the “Tri Town Boise” Zwift Club (instructions on how to join a Zwift Club here). All group rides will be posted on the Companion App as Events for the club.


To sign up for a ride (Event), click the plus (+) sign on the right side of the ride category (“E”). If you plan on attending a ride, please sign up in advance as we may cancel if not enough riders are signed up for any given workout.




Group Rides: (00:45:00 - 4:00:00)

- Saturday @ 8am

- Variable terrain and mostly Zone 1 and Zone 2 intensity. 


Group Workouts: (00:30:00 - 1:00:00

- Tuesday @ 6am

- Structured workout based on your FTP and catered to the season. Expect some Z3 to Z5 intervals mixed in. 


For the Group Workout sessions, be sure to have your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) set properly in your Zwift profile (it can be adjusted mid-ride if a session feels too hard/easy). 


Once you join the Tri Town Boise Zwift club, our group rides/workouts will appear within the “Events” section of Zwift. We offer two riders per week: 


Courses will be posted a week in advance in the Tri Town Boise club page (on the Companion App).


Anyone can join the rides after the starting time, or leave early if needed. 




The Tri Town Boise Zwift club is structured as a “no-drop” group, meaning that all riders are kept together regardless of ability (for both Group rides or Workouts, we will use Category E -”Everyone”-). Ride at your pace and don’t worry about getting dropped or shooting off the front, Zwift will keep you in the vicinity of the group. 




Zwift costs $150/year or $15/month. 


Other than the required equipment, there are no additional costs.




Ricardo Valverde is a USAT coach who joined the Tri Town team in 2019. He’s motivated by helping others find the passion and success in triathlon that he has found, while avoiding the mistakes he made as a self-coached athlete at the beginning of his triathlon career.


*Zwift Companion enhances the Zwift/indoor riding experience, allowing easier interaction with others (messaging, joining clubs/events, etc) or with the game itself (viewing maps, workout data and more). More info here.




Tri Town Bicycles

1510 N 13th St.

Boise, ID 83702

[email protected]




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