Giro Vanquish MIPS Helmet

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The Giro Vanquish MIPS helmet has proven to be a customer favorite here at Tri Town. The Vanquish is an aero road helmet, providing free speed without the teardrop shape of more traditional aero helmet. Unlike a classic aero helmet, the Vanquish is aerodynamic in a wide variety of head positions (i.e. looking down, up, or to the sides). Even more aerodynamic advantage can be gained when the magnetic locking visor is used. The visor can be easily flipped upside down to magnetically lock on the forehead of the helmet for enhanced ventilation during long climbs. 

Many aero helmets prevent optimal airflow, and the Vanquish addresses this issue with four large front air vents paired with four low profile rear vents. This smooths out air flow through the helmet while providing adequate cooling. 

For road cycling, the Vanquish is UCI legal when used without the visor. Because of this, you'll find many professional road cyclist using the Vanquish. It's obvious use is for road and triathlon use, but we've also used the Vanquish for casual road cycling and mountain biking. It really is a "do everything" cycling helmet.

The Vanquish is equipped with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System). MIPS technology, which is becoming increasingly common in modern helmets uses a slip-plane inside the helmet to reduce rotational forces on the brain upon certain types of impact. This freely rotating internal cage acts like a second layer of the brain's natural cerebrospinal fluid. Classic foam lining adds further protection against linear forces. 

Giro claims that their Vanquish helmet matches the aerodynamic properties of a teardrop helmet in wind tunnel testing while providing all of the other benefits already mentioned. The ventilation, versatility, safety, and speed of the Vanquish MIPS make this the last helmet you will ever need. 




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