The Tri Town Times: 8/5/19

The Tri Town Times: 8/5/19

Jim Manton seminar; Boulder 70.3; who we phrase our internal dialogues; velodrome in an open field.

Hi all,
Join us at 6pm today for an evening with world renown bicycle fitter and cycling aerodynamic expert Jim Manton. Jim will discuss aerodynamics in regards to bicycle fit and where he sees this industry going in the near future. Please RSVP for this free seminar. Further details below:

- Jim will be conducting bicycle fits in Tri Town's fit studio this week. If you're interested in a bicycle fit with Jim please sign up here.

- Jim will also be conducting aerodynamic tests on athletes using the Aerolab Aero Sensor- allowing him to measure your aerodynamic drag in real time. Details on how this works can be found here, and register for an aerodynamic test here.

- Please send any questions my way or come to the seminar and Jim will answer your questions in person.

And now for your regular Tri Town Times newsletter:
Weekend Race Report-
A solid group of locals competed at Boulder 70.3 this past weekend. Chris Leiferman and Skye Moench, both of the US, took the men's and women's titles respectively. Results here.
Events We're Looking Forward To-

- Over 4,500 triathletes are signed up for USAT Age Group Nationals this weekend in Cleveland, Ohio.

- The famous Leadville 100 mountain bike race is this Saturday.

Training Thoughts and Updates-
The dialogues we have in our own head during painful or grueling sessions can be a window into our souls. I'm a bit of an optimist in most things, and tend to default to positive self-talk, but I never considered that how I phrase these internal dialogues may be as important as what I say.
Gear That Caught Our Attention-
Our current bicycle closeout list can be found here.
Quote that Struck a Chord-
"Effective endurance training is often kind of boring and repetitive and, periodically, really difficult and painful. We should not shy away from the boredom or the pain, but recognize that both feelings are signs that we are getting the total process right." - Dr. Stephen Seiler
If You Have a Moment to Spare-

- What a great way to use an open field.

- The importance of holding your line is never more important than in the finishing sprint.

Have a great week!
Antonio G
Tri Town


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