Commuting Every Day Will Not Make You a Race Car Driver

Commuting every day will not turn you into a professional race car driver.


In 2023, I took on a personal challenge to "run every day" in preparation for a marathon. It showed commitment, self discipline, and grit. It also fell into the commute every day = race car driver fallacy.


Goodhart's Law is an adage which states, "When a measure becomes a target, it fails to be a good measure." Athletes often fall into this trap, fixating on arbitrary goals like working out every day, reaching a certain FTP number, or hitting a certain body weight before competition. In my case, the objective should have been to run better, not just to run more.


True progress goes beyond mere attendance, though showing up is a critical component of athletic success. Presence and thoughtful consideration of your actions before, during, and after workouts or races is essential. Most importantly, you must be willing to put yourself in uncomfortable situations that challenge you to evolve and adapt as an athlete.


Even the most dedicated race car driver, practicing on the same track for years, won't develop the skill needed to compete at the highest level without regularly pushing beyond their comfort zone. They must test their skills on various tracks, in a variety of vehicles, on a mix of surfaces, and against a broad range of competitors. The goal is to cultivate depth of experience, not just breadth.


As we enter the new year, a good goal for all of us is to regularly push ourselves outside our comfort zones. Challenge ourselves by pushing our skills and "vehicle" to the edge. It may be uncomfortable and at times painful, but it's through such experiences that we grow, learn, and develop character.



Antonio Gonzalez

Tri Town Bicycles



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