Blood Lactate Test, Coaching



Lactate threshold testing is one of the best services we offer athletes right here at the store. Blood lactate threshold testing is used by many of the world’s leading athletes to help determine key training metrics like:

  • appropriate training zones by heart rate, power, and/or pace.
  • gauge changes in fitness
  • determine maximum fat-burning zones
  • dial in ideal race-pacing 


The protocol for a lactate threshold test requires you to conduct a challenging bicycle workout on our smart trainer. We record your heart rate, blood lactate levels, and perceived exertion throughout the test. Small amounts of blood will be drawn from the finger or ear lobe. After the test is complete, we will walk you through the results in detail, explaining how to use your test results in your day to day training and racing. 

| Brad Mitchell 05-02-2021 20:14

I've performed plenty of field tests, both on the bike and the run, but never a blood lactate test. The process with Antonio was very professional, organized, and quite informative. The session concluded with an explanation of the results, a spreadsheet of my data put into my training zones and excitement to start a new training cycle.

| S. Scholes 28-03-2018 16:22

I knew when I left Tri Town that the lactate threshold testing was going to be a great investment. The value of the testing and the recommendations you made for me have made a tremendous difference in my training. I'm fully healed, have dropped about 10lbs, and am already faster in all three sports than at any time last year!

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