Garmin Rally RS Power Pedal

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The Garmin Rally RS power meter pedal is a road cycling power-meter pedal compatible with Shimano cleats (included). The RS 100 measures left-side power only (right pedal is a standard, non-power measuring). Your left-side power is doubled to approximate total power. 

The RS 200 measures both left and right side power and provides more in-depth pedal analytics. 

Compatible with all bluetooth and/or ANT+ power-reading devices.

Key Features: 

  • Automatically measures cadence
  • Easily transferred from one bike to another
  • Transferrable axle/spindle to Rally RS or Rally RK body
  • ~120hr battery life.
  • Adjustable release tension
  • Q-Factor (stance-width): 53mm, or 55mm with supplied pedal spacers 
  • Field calibration
  • Water resistance: IPX7
  • Accurate within 1%
  • Weight: 334 grams
  • Max rider weight: 230 lbs (105kg)



  • Accurate within 1%. 
  • Rally RK is Look-cleat compatible. 
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