Bicycle Cleat Fit

  • Please confirm availability on our Scheduling Calendar before booking your fit date and time (requires a 1hr block of time)
  • Fitting start times are between 10-4pm, Monday-Friday.  
  • We will confirm your fit appointment via phone or email w/in 24hrs. 

We can help you properly setup your cleats to avoid injury and optimize comfort and power. We take into consideration your cycling goals, natural stance, riding style, foot varus/valgus, foot size, shoe size and model, and pedal model when setting up your cleats. Adjustments include cleat fore/aft adjustment, medial/lateral adjustment, wedging (when needed), and cleat rotation. A cleat fit is included as part of our Professional Fit, but not part of the Fit. 

Cleat Fitting takes approximately 1 hour. 

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