Koobi 232 T Saddle (CrMo)

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The Italian made Koobi 232 T w/ chromoly steel rails is a flagship triathlon saddle that is comfortable in both the aero position and upright position. From the Koobi line, this is one of their firmest saddles, and is ideal for riders over 160lbs and racing longer distance triathlon or time trial events. The leather cover makes for a durable saddle that will hold up well for thousands of miles of riding.

The nose of the 232 T slopes down near the tip, preventing point pressure when riding in the aero position. Additionally, the nose has a subtle built-in hook to simplify racking your bike in transition zone. 

Compared to other triathlon specific saddles, the Koobi is short in length (232mm), and relatively narrow in width. This saddle often works well for athletes who feel the ISM saddles are too wide in the nose. Female riders also tend to find the Koobi saddles very comfortable.

We've found initially setting the Koobi saddles up so that the rails are parallel to the ground is a good starting point. This will result in the saddle being slightly angled down. Adjust the tilt as necessary from here to find your personal comfort.

Weight: 290 grams

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| Gene 16-05-2018 14:57

Thanks Antonio, Dominique, and Travis for the advice and saddles. The roadie is, again, a joy to ride. The tender tissues are grateful!

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