Lactate Threshold Testing


"I knew when I left Tri Town that the LT testing was going to be a great investment. The value of the testing and the recommendations you made for me have made a tremendous difference in my training. I'm fully healed, have dropped about 10lbs, and am already faster in all three sports than at any time last year!"

-S Scholes, 2012.

Why have a lactate threshold test?

Lactate threshold testing is one of the best services we offer athletes right here at the store. Blood lactate testing is used by many of the world’s leading athletes to help determine key training metrics like:

Training Zones
Heart rate, power, and/or pace.
Fitness Progression
Gauge changes in fitness.
dt>Fat Burning Zones
Whether loosing weight or keeping fit, we can help determine maximum fat-burning zones.
Race Pacing
Dial in ideal race-pacing as well as our favorite tips and tricks for race day.

How does it work?

A small amount of blood is extracted from an athlete’s finger while performing a bicycle or run test. Heart rate, pace, and power are recorded during the test, with the results graphed afterwards.

Once your results are processed, we can recommend your personalized training zones. This is the most precise and accurate way to follow your training program- especially if you are being privately coached.

After your test we review the results and explain in thorough detail how to use this information to reach your racing and fitness goals. Additionally, you receive a complete recording of your results for future reference.


"...Antonio provided a number [of] insights into my training in discussing the results with me. After incorporating his advice I was able to raise my FTP about 35 W in 10 weeks while losing 10 pounds..."

- G Spotts, 2020.

Schedule your test

A single lactate threshold test takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. Please come dressed as if you're going to do a normal bike. Eat a normal pre-workout meal two to three hours before your test.