Tri Town Special Tune



The Tri Town Special is our most popular tune, and for good reason. It's thorough, detailed, and is usually the right amount of work to keep most racing-level bikes working in top condition. Most athletes have this tune done a couple times a year, but is a great tune to do whenever your bike and drivetrain are in need of some serious TLC. 

See the specifications tab for full tuneup details

Drivetrain removed and degreased: Included
Replace cables/housing (no labor charge): not included
Adjust front/rear derailleur: Included
Adjust front/rear brake: Included
Chain wear measured: Included
Clean/overhaul headset: Included
Clean/overhaul bottom bracket: Included
True front/rear wheel: Included
Tire condition and pressure inspection: Included
New handlebar tape installed (no labor charge): not included
Every bolt torque-checked: Included
Frame cleaned/polished: Included
Thoroughly test ridden: Included
Tune Up notes documented and sent to client: Included
| David S 15-01-2018 14:29

Great Bike tune up and fitting! What a difference it makes - the ride was smooth, easy and fast today! Oh yes the aero bars were great too!

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