Performance Bicycle Fit (most popular)

  • Please confirm availability on our Scheduling Calendar before booking your fit date and time (requires a 2hr block of time)
  • Fitting start times are between 10-4pm, Monday-Friday.  
  • We will confirm your fit appointment via phone or email w/in 24hrs. 

Our Professional Fit is the best, most thorough way to guarantee your comfort and power on the bike. We start with an interview to best understand your unique fitting needs. We then record your current fit measurements so we have a reference of your bike's starting position.

Video is taken to analyze your riding posture and style. Depending upon how far off from ideal your position may be, we may use our infinitely adjustable fitting bike to assist in making quick and easy adjustments to your position. A thorough cleat fit is the start to all good fits, as we start at the feet and work our way up the body.

Through a systematic approach we then make the appropriate changes to all your key contact points with the bicycle to maximize power and efficiency while maintaining comfort and stability. We also use this time to experiment with different crank lengths and to try out a variety of different saddles. Once your ideal position is found all measurements and changes are documented and kept on file for future reference.

If you purchase a bicycle from us we include a Professional Fit as part of your purchase.  A triathlon or road bicycle fit takes approximately 1.5-2hrs.

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